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Good afternoon.

It is one of those days when it is difficult to know where to start: yesterday's frightening letter bomb incident in Victoria had a somber echo in Wokingham today: same style and similar target. This time it was company that does the accounts for Speed Check cameras - after yesterday saw a company that runs the congestion charge. So, too glib to say an angry motorist in on the loose but there are weird cross-overs: Liz is putting things together for you.

The theme of repetition runs through another powerful story: a fifteen year old boy, murdered in Peckham - close to where Damilola Taylor was murdered - which is not that far from the ice-rink where another kid was shot and just moments from Southampton Way where a 21 year old was killed on Saturday. Very nasty. Phil has the story.

And then some of the most upsetting video many of us have ever seen: the cockpit video of the accidental "Blue on Blue" killing of Windsor soldier Matty Hull. It is the video the Americans claimed didn't exist: you'll begin to understand when you see it at 6. Marcus is your guide.

On top of that, Europe's biggest ever planning application - it is of Olympic proportion!
Late night tubes delayed for Fridays and Saturdays because of.... well you can guess.
Tony Visconti talks to Steve. Think Ziggy Stardust, Metal Guru, glam' rock and you're there.
And it might snow tomorrow. Chrissie has her warming warning.

I don't think you can miss it.

See you at 6.

Alastair and Katie.