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Good afternoon.

We have a time and motion expert with us this afternoon so I'll keep this as succinct as I can, displaying a well managed and measurable use of my valuable time.
Our American cousins, having spent a fortune protecting themselves and upsetting their Grosvenor Square neighbours are planning to move their Embassy. Simon is following them.
Jason Donovan, who was thrown out of Harrods fifteen years ago for wearing jeans was back at Harrods - wearing joins in a good cause rather than as a questionable fashion statement. Steve saw him.
The British Film Institute have opened up their utterly stunning archive to the public which is yet another brilliant reason for spending a bit of time on the South Bank. Ben's been drooling.
And two really nasty crimes: one has left a man in Reigate dead and his girlfriend and baby, heart-broken.
The other was a gun spree last year in Islington which was finally resolved today when a young man was found guilty and awaits sentencing.....
Liz and Phil, respectively, on those tales.

Ah. She's gone.

Right, the other thing I really wanted to tell you about was Marcus going down to Brixton to report on the Peace March which is a way for the local people to say they have had enough of gun-crime on their streets. It will be tense and a lot of folk are expected. The greatest hope is that they will be able to make their point, peacefully and that there will be no nasty incidents..

(Oh, she's back, stop-watch and clip-board in hand..)

OK: weather, papers and your e-mails, all at 6.
Do join us if we're not being re-programmed for greater heights of efficiency.

Alastair and Tamzin.