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Good afternoon, all. Tonight, the bad, the good and the downright weird...

First up, the frightening ordeal suffered by Linda Buchanan after she asked a man to stop smoking on a railway platform in Kent. He responded by shoving her onto the tracks, dangerously close to a live line. Liz Wickham has more for us.

Elsewhere, a London doctor is organising an airlift of medical supplies to Afghanistan, where she's setting up a clinic in a women's prison. Karen Woo quit her job to work in the war-torn country and her efforts are making a real difference.

Also tonight, we're live at Wembley ahead of England's friendly against Egypt. The question everyone's asking, isn't how England's World Cup preparations are going, it's about what sort of reception John Terry will get from the fans. I don't mean from the opposition fans...from his own supporters. I've never quite understood the logic of booing your own players, to be honest. I guess if they're playing really badly or not giving their all, then letting them know what you think of the effort-to-wage ratio is perhaps fair enough. But for non-footballing reasons? I think John Terry will be given a rough ride by the fans over his alleged indiscretions later, just as other players have been in the past. There was a time when all you had to do to get booed by England fans was to play for Manchester United, but that fad seems to have passed, thankfully. Maybe I'm doing the fans a disservice? Jonathan - who sorts out all the travel at ITN Towers - has been to every England game, home and away, since June 2002 and he says he couldn't care less what a player does off the pitch as long as he performs on it. I have to say, as a sports fan, I agree with him.

One sport I don't know much about is Polo. I'm guessing I'm not alone in that? It's being introduced to a group of youngsters from inner city London thanks to an initiative by Hammersmith and Fulham Council. Lewis Vaughan Jones - who I don't think would look out of place playing Polo, but apparently we have footage to the contrary - will tell all later.

We'll 'throw-in' (that's a polo term...I looked it up!) at six.

Matt and Katie

Oh - did I mention the killer chickens? Tune in later, seriously...you don't want to miss this one!
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