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London Tonight Tonight Monday 17th March

London Tonight Tonight Monday 17th March
Hello everybody.
Alastair and Katie will be with you tonight but I've got them working so hard this afternoon you'll have to put up with me I'm afraid.
Tonight's programme includes some quite beautiful light, and some pretty sinister shade.

Our top story is the very dark story of a young Norwegian socialite looking forward to a long and happy life. She was out with friends on Friday when she simply disappeared - last seen climbing into the back of a cab outside an exclusive London nightclub. Tonight, it's been confirmed that police have found her body, partially buried under a pile of rubble, in the basement of a posh block of flats nearby.
Forensic officers are combing the area and her tutor tells Glen Goodman why she'll be desperately missed.
Hot under the collar are the bankers this week. As Bear Stearn gets a rescue package, our banks and maybe even our mortgages are suffering from the pinch. So what about the Tottenham boss who's had 500 million pounds wiped off his personal fortune. Well, apparently the club says the game must go on... but the share price is looking a little dicey. Jon will be live at White Hart Lane.
And if you're not a Spurs fan - you should still be worried - it could hurt you - stay tuned for our expert Louisa Fletcher with the news you need to know.
Damien's in a underground World War II bunker, Lucy Cotter's up to her eyes in the National Archives, and Chrissie gets to grips with the pigeons at St Pancras.
I promise that it was only momentary memory loss that saw me send her to tackle our feathered friends... Of course it was too late once I'd been reminded about her bird phobia!!! She coped admirably in the circumstances...
That's all to come, plus of course, the joy that is Al and Katie on the sofa singing along to "Tubular Bells"... Oh did I forget to mention that Mike Oldfield is LIVE in the studio?
Well you must be there then...
See you at six.
Faye (the Programme Editor)