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Good Evening to you...

Well, I'm a very lucky lad in many ways. This evening is no exception, with Nina not only making a very welcome return to the fold but taking her place front and centre on the sofa. It's as if she'd never been away.

As for what we'll bring you on the programme... let's start with a bit of showbiz. No, scratch that. A lot of showbiz. We've got Lulu. And Chaka Kahn. And Anastacia. All together on the sofa. Seriously, we could fill the programme right there. I'm they'd love us to. They're in to talk about a show they're taking round the country this Christmas. It's going to be loud and I'm looking forward to it. We're looking for that Friday feeling.

The other 'lighter' element to this evening's show comes in the shape of a curtain-raiser for London Fashion Week. Sangeeta Kandola's been mixing it with the likes of Jimmy Choo (he makes shoes), Joan Collins (she wear's shoes) and Boris Johnson (he puts his foot in things*).

There are some more serious developments we're reporting on tonight.

A young man who took on some thieves at a Costco shop in Croydon last night is fighting for life in hospital today. The gang came in with hammers to rob the place. When he gave chase, one of them produced a shotgun.

We'll also tell you about the end of a court case which saw a young man found guilty of stabbing someone to death. The victim had challenged the killer and his gang of drug-dealers to stay away from his 14 year old brother who was rapidly getting sucked into their underworld of crime.

One more major, serious, item we have for you is an interview with the Mum of one of the children who's seriously ill after allegedly contracting e-coli from a farm in Surrey. She says she's now ready to sue the owner of the farm.

So once again, a real mix. But that is the world we live in. Our job is to bring it to you.

And we start, as usual, at six.

See you then.

Ben & Nina

*This is clearly a bit of Friday afternoon fluff. Before the Mayor's press officers pick up the phone.
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