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London Tonight Tonight Tuesday 8th January

London Tonight Tonight Tuesday 8th January
New Year, New Initiative from the Mayor. He put his thinking cap on over Christmas, and "ding!", a lightbulb appeared over his head. No, really. It's all about lightbulbs, and how we should swap our ordinary ones for energy saving ones. What do you think... is this the kind of project you want our Mayor to encourage, or would you rather he concentrated, like his mayoral rival Boris Johnson, on cutting crime? Simon Harris has been finding out more.
Meanwhile, we're out on the streets of London with some of the biggest victims of (or perpetrators of .. ) traffic accidents. Yup, cyclists. The police want to crack down on their illegal cycling habits, and if you're a fan of 2 wheels, watch out - they could slap you with a 30 quid fine if they catch you jumping a red light.

Liz Wickham's been to look at the latest offerings for Trafalgar Square's empty fourth plinth ( my money's on the meerkats.) And Emma Walden has met an extremely brave little girl who may have lost a leg, but insisted she only missed a couple of days of school.
We have the heartwarming tale of Errol the Collie dog  .. you'll just have to watch .. and we have the marvellous Timothy West in the studio to tell us about his Pinter double bill.
Excellent! See you at 6.

Katie and Al.