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Hello, welcome to Thursday's offering...

As well as all the top news stories from the capital, tonight we'll have memories of war past and present later as we approach Remembrance Sunday next weekend. First, Piers Hopkirk reports for us from Croydon after another of our regiments returned home from a tour of duty in Afghanistan. The men from the 2nd Batallion, The Rifles, endured some of the fiercest fighting the British Army has seen since the Second World War and their homecoming will be another of mixed emotions with the families of thirteen servicemen mourning the deaths of their loved ones rather than celebrating their return. Also, we remember earlier conflicts by way of a re-union held today that highlighted an extraordinary story of how men and women now living in London survived under the Nazi occupation of Europe. Liz Wickham has more on that fascinating story for us.

Also on the programme tonight, British heavyweight boxing title contender David Haye will be live in the studio. He takes on the might of seven foot tall Russian man-mountain, Nikolay Valuev in Germany next weekend and victory will be some ask for the Bermondsey boy. Haye is nine inches shorter than Valuev and around eight stone lighter. Valuev has only lost once in fifty fights and has never been put on the canvas, let alone knocked out. This WBA title fight will only be Haye's second in the division after making the step up from Cruiserweight. It's being dubbed as 'David v Goliath', but anyone who's seen the movie 'Rocky IV', might recognise the plot of this fight as being even less believable. We'll be asking David how he assesses his chances and why he's decided to spend the last few months chucking insult after insult at the man dubbed 'The Beast from the East', effectively poking a sleeping giant with a great big stick! I hope there's a cunning plan, otherwise David Haye could be in for a world of hurt and end up with a face like a squashed...

...pumpkins galore on the show tonight, but with Glen Goodman allegedly on a day off, the baton's been handed to Murray Dron. The bar of pumpkin punnery has continued to rise throughout this week, thanks to Glen and some great pictures sent in by some of you (still time to get your entries in by the way so get carving). I spoke to Murray after last night's programme, just after he'd been given today's assignment. He was nervous, let me tell you. How do you compete with Glen's full pumkin head mask from Monday, or the pumkin Olympics of last night? Only time will tell - good luck Muzza, we're all rooting for you!

Matt and Katie.
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