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Hello. Welcome to the weekend.

A mixed bag in store for you tonight. The award for the oddest story of the day goes to an investment group, supported by Boris Johnson, to get the Bloomsbury, Holborn and St Giles areas of London collectively renamed. 'Midtown' is what they've got in mind...yes, that's what I thought, too! The idea is to get local businesses to put into a purse to improve the area, which seems reasonable enough. But why the ridiculous re-branding? Do they not know that Holborn has been called for over a thousand years?! And if you have to change the name - 'Midtown'? I mean, there are obviously numerous similarities bewteen Midtown New York and Bloomsbury, Holborn and St Giles: For NYC - Times Square, The Empire State Building, Broadway, Grand Central Station? The London areas, well, don't they don't have those, let's be honest. Your thoughts welcome on the email and perhaps your suggestions too. What do you think would be an appropriate new name? Keep them suitable for tea-time viewing please!

In more serious news, Nick Thatcher looks into reports that British Airways are training up baggage handlers to act as cabin crew to combat possible strikes and we'll have more on the impending misery for Jubilee Line users as maintenance crews prepare to stage a series of walkouts over pay...during Monday rush hours/.

There's another exciting F.A. Cup weekend in the offing and Lewis Vaughan Jones previews the fourth round clash between Crystal Palace and Wolves and looks at whether the magic of the F.A. Cup still exists. It's 20 years since Palace got to the final at Wembley. They drew 3-3 with Manchester United and lost the replay. It was United's first major trophy under Alex Fergusson and the closest Palace have ever come to major silverware. My prediction for the Wolves game? A hard fought match...I'm not falling for that one!

James King's in to talk all things movies and we have some budding young journalists in the studio for a chat too. They've been part of a national competition to find the next generation of talented reporters. Who's silly idea was that, by the way? Better not mess it up tonight, then - what with ready-made replacements literally waiting in the wings!

See you at Six.

Matt and Nina

PS Palace to win 1-0 - I must be swept up in the magic of the Cup!