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Mostly tonight I am looking forward to meeting Bruno. No, this is not my new nickname for The Al - he will always be The Al - until he is knighted and then he will be Sir Al of the Stew obviously.

Bruno is the bum-baring character created by Ali G and Borat geni-ass Sasha Baron Cohen. Frankly, this is the only thing I am interested in tonight. I am extraordinarily jealous that a certain Scotchbrook has not only been to see the movie but is also going to be on the red carpet to meet Cohen's rudest incarnation yet. Why, you might ask, as The Al did, is Ben going and not Lucy? Well, the answer is simple, Bruno likes the boys - so Ben is in for a treat. I think we are too.

This is to my taste - but The Al is far more interested in a museum to honour RAF pilots - or rather the potential lack of said museum. Harrow Council needs more cash to save Bentley Priory - Marcus has been out to find out more about the place and will fill us in on why it needs to be rescued and how.

Now, I am sneezing again - but am pretty sure it's just the hayfever striking and not the swines striking back. But after last night's revelation that Top Shop staff have come down with the flu of the pigs, the disease is back on the menu.

So tonight - we'll tell you why at least 4 schools in London are still open - despite having had cases of swine flu there, what the experts say about that and what you think too.

We're also waiting to hear what punishment Didier Drogba's facing for outburst after Chelsea's Champion's League defeat to Barcelona last season. We meet an artist who's won a prestigious prize for painting portraits of his daughter and then Robin will tell us why on earth London's 2012 organisers think it's worth trying to find out what the weather's going to be like for the Olympics. They can't even get it right 3 days ahead let alone 3 years - sorry Robin - but what!?!

I have - I don't care what the weatherman says when the weatherman says it's raining in my head now. Sorry again Robin.

Get mad at the "British Summer" with me at 6.

Alex & Alastair.

Weather Blog

Good evening,

"UB 40".
"No, there's a BAT in the kitchen."
At which point I realised my wife wasn't asking me to name the artist of an 80's hit, but informing me that we had a wildlife incident. My fault as I'd left the doors open in order to make the most of the balmy evening. Now we all know that bats are timid & that the notion of them flying into your hair is a fallacy, so it was with no small sense of shame that we set about liberating the creature wearing hats & gardening gloves.

You'll be relieved to hear that we were successful & have now added another item to our list of hazards to watch out for when the weather is perfect. With only a few clouds & the odd spot of rain on the horizon before the weather settles down nicely again for the weekend we should be able to relax, but then again unless we're careful we may well find a badger on the sofa....

I'll keep you posted.

See you later,