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London Tonight Tonight: Monday 31st March

London Tonight Tonight: Monday 31st March

Good afternoon - a fresh week on London Tonight: all new and seeking a place in your hearts and then your memories.

Keith Richards, of the Rolling Stones, is threatening to write his autobiography but admitted to several newspapers at the weekend that he finds the events of yesterday a challenge to recall. He could do worse than stroll down to the Hard Rock Cafe in Piccadilly and visit their fine collection of rock and roll memorabilia as Nick has done for you. They want "museum" status and if the inspectors came to make their final judgement at the same time as Keef wandered in, that would surely clinch it.
Might second preference votes clinch the Mayoralty for Ken? He has long hinted to friends that he thinks Boris might get it on first preferences but that he, himself, will steal it on "seconds".  Our poll, conducted with those fine people at the Evening Standard, will make mouth-watering reading for the two leading candidates but as to who will smile widest, you'll have to give ear to Harris at 6.
Should you have a fine cause in need of some of the lottery's dosh, you will also have to give ear at 6 and discover how we might be able to help.
We also have help on property and that ever present problem of an opening pitch price. If you are selling in a falling market, just where do you aim and to whom do you listen? Louisa has been mulling it all over and reflects, in our company and yours, at 6.
Finally, we reflect upon what was and what might have been when an executive jet ploughed into a cul-de-sac in Kent at the weekend.
A sad tale of bravery, achievement, promise and one of eternal luck for some and a fatal lack of it for others. We now know who everyone on board was and their stories are the stuff of legend. We will satisfy your need to know but I think leave with a sense of real loss, as well.
All the rest of the usual component parts will be there too - I suspect the story of the Farnborough crash will make it to the museum of your memories but who knows.
You be the judge at 6.
Alastair and Katie.


London Tonight Tonight: 28th March 2008

London Tonight Tonight: 28th March 2008

Good afternoon.

Unless any of them are flying into Heathrow's T5, we have the promise of a remarkable line up of guests this evening for you.

Westlife would, I imagine, be loyal nationalists and fly Aer Lingus anyway so they should arrive safely at T1, or Gatwick, and Lucy will be there to greet them ahead of their Wembley gigs this weekend.

Ade Edmondson has probably been banned by a range of airlines for his Young Ones behaviour and certainly Bottom performances. He, I predict, will come by train and, subject to yesterdays' postponement of industrial action staying firmly in the lost luggage box of threats, he'll be with us to talk about his new and very promising ITV sitcom.

James is frightened of flying so he'll be with us to give an expert's view of 27 Dresses, which is about the wardrobe of a magpie-esque perpetual bridesmaid, and The Hottie and the Nottie which "stars" Paris Hilton but not in a way that has you searching the internet at strange times of the night.

So, chocs away for a bumper package of entertainment as a spring board to a successful opening of your weekend.

BA and BAA are still waiting for a successful opening of their new T5. If there were an organisation called the British Association of Angry Air-passengers it would begin to sound like a crescendo of angry sheep, wouldn't it? BA, BAA, BAAA.....

I've just been told Lewis Vaughan Jones, who is from Wales but has wisely defected to London, will tell you all you need to know about the Boat Race from... a small rowing boat, on the Thames. I thought all you needed to know about that bizarrely one dimensional sporting event was that it involved two teams and Oxford normally won: perhaps I am missing something.

Ken may be missing something in his timing as he launches his crime manifesto, promising a 6% reduction in crime as we report on the death of two more London teenagers. Perhaps he is saving his solutions for a third term?

Theft is a crime as is impersonation so I end by warning you Salma will, yet again, offer you her increasingly elaborate What Not To Miss in full knowledge that it should have been my turn. Trying to pretend that she didn't seize upon my unfortunate need to visit my physiotherapist at lunchtime to tell the Big Boss that she was me, cuts no ice. I am the injured party, now in two ways.

I feel defiled but you will feel informed so you probably won't care.

I will join her, if I can force myself to mix in such sordid company, at 6.

Hope you can bare the tension to be with us.

Alastair and That Woman.




London Tonight Tonight Thursday 27th March

London Tonight Tonight Thursday 27th March
Hello and good afternoon.
It was meant to be the grand opening of Heathrow's Terminal 5... Let's just say it hasn't gone quite according to plan! As I write this, things are getting worse too with rumours of mechanical breakdowns on the baggage carousels.
The British Airports' Authority will be telling Alastair (who's there by the way, which is why he's not here - obviously!) that it's all just teething problems and it WILL get better for passengers. But what went wrong in the first place? Well hopefully we can find out. In the meantime, there are some pretty irate customers at T5, with lost luggage, delays and cancellations.

We take a look around and talk to the most important people down there... Including Gordon Ramsay who's opened a very fine eatery for your delectation should you have a spare five minutes once you've found your missing bags!
That plus the other top stories in London Tonight, including our homegrown talent going stellar in the States. Leona Lewis is breaking records left, right and centre.
It's all jam packed in, and Al and Romilly will be here to bring it to you.
Sorry it's so short... I prefer "small but perfectly formed" myself.
See you at six,
Faye the Programme Editor


London Tonight Tonight Wednesday 26th March

London Tonight Tonight Wednesday 26th March
Good afternoon.
I am so sorry this is a little late but Katie isn't well and I was at a lunch which over-ran - more of a high-tea, in the end- Faye has had tea thrown across her work-station and Romilly, who I am thrilled has stepped into the breach, is racing to catch up. What a piece of work are we are? How devoid of reason? How infinite in chaos.... enough Shakespeare monque and on with the show.

The Big Boss is threatening to fingerprint us all so he knows where we have been. I said bleeps would be better and he seemed cross I hadn't got his joke.
No jokes as all passengers passing through T5 from tomorrow's opening to the public  were threatened with having to offer up their dabs. An invasion of privacy, say some; an additional time worry, say others; a damn good idea if it stops people blowing up my holiday flight, say the rest. Phil tests all arguments to destruction.

Fingerprints weren't really helpful when a little boy was left in a doorway at the weekend, speaking only Punjabi and as lost as any needle in any haystack. A woman says she is his mum but the mystery remains and at so many levels. Robin will have you gripping your seats and, so, covering them in fingerprints.
The unique fleshy ID of multinational capitalism would seem, according to a man who texted me, to be all over a take-over of GP surgeries in Camden. Karl Marx or Kildare,  new signing Vaughan Jones does the dialectical analysis  for you.

We've a black comedy causing the horrors all over the place and we've set Chrissie amongst the pigeons, and other feathered friends, because we know it terrifies her and that seems to amuse the cruel amongst you. I just enjoy seeing the gorgeous glaze that comes over her eyes. Odd, but it does it for me.

I think I better stop there, for so many reasons.
I need low tea now, and chocolate.

See you at 6 unless Carla Bruni invites me to the Embassy. Same eyes as Chrissie, you know.
The French are in town! Stay in and watch TV with us.

Alastair & Romilly


London Tonight Tonight Tuesday 25th March

London Tonight Tonight Tuesday 25th March
Good evening gang...
My presenters are dispersed far and wide AGAIN tonight. This time it is of my own doing though, so I can't really complain.
Al's been paying a very special lady a visit this afternoon. You'll just have to tune in at six to see what he's been up to... It's truly uplifting I can promise you that.
In the meantime the news is a lot less heartwarming. Despite their protestations that it would NOT happen again, the powers that be at Network Rail are facing some tough questions tonight. You see, commuters into Liverpool Street have had to contend with massive delays and cancellations today, and you can probably guess why? According to National Express, the rail provider on the line, it was because of overrunning engineering works.
Network Rail are denying that, but it's lit the touch paper and you, the rail passengers, are far from impressed.
In other things, the Met admits it's going to have to use a ring of steel to protect the Olympic torch relay when it comes to the capital. Free Tibet campaigners say they WILL attempt to disrupt its journey, so what can the police do when it will have to travel through 10 London boroughs to make it to its final destination? Piers finds out.
Talking of final destinations... worried about where you're going to lay your hat at night? Well, according to the mortgage watchers, the number of deals on the market is dropping all the time, and the days of the 100% loan are ancient history. So Louisa is here to tell you how YOU can get a mortgage if you're just starting out, and what to look for to get the best deal you can.
Add to that the row that's reached fever pitch over the pre-teen wesbite www.missbimbo.com. It's aimed at girls as young as 9, and according to one expert we're talking to tonight, it encourages them to starve themselves and even consider plastic surgery - at the age of NINE!...
Providing of course that the trains allow for it, Salma and Alastair WILL be here to debate the rights and wrongs of it all at 6.
Fingers crossed anyway...
See you then.

Faye the Programme Editor


London Tonight Tonight Thursday 20th March

London Tonight Tonight Thursday 20th March
Hello there...

The talent has wandered off again - I'm starting to wonder if I should take my presenters' dalliances elsewhere as a personal affront! For now I suppose, I shall just have to service your needs with my own witty repartee.
There's a worry for you...

Yes it's the Programme Editor again. Alastair is rather busy - interviewing the Prime Minister no less - and Katie is rather busy recording the radio programme that entertains thousands of fans.
So, what do me, myself and I have for you on London Tonight?
Well, Alastair will bring you that conversation with the Prime Minister where he backs his man for Mayor. Who's his man, we hear you ask? Why, Red Ken of course. That stalwart Labour activist expelled from the party, only to be welcomed back with open arms by Gordon Brown's predecessor. And if Gordon gets his way, Ken will have served more years in office than his nemesis Mr Blair. A sort of fabulous irony about that isn't there? Anyway, Al I'm sure will be giving them both a bit of a grilling.
There's also the nightmare that is travel in London this Easter weekend. If you're still at home - maybe you're delaying your journey until after the rush, or you're avoiding it altogether staying well and truly put. We'll have the latest on all the disruption out there, so you stay-at-home folks can just bask in smuggery.
Then there's the lady who had her bottom bit by a rat! Yes, really.

And Sir Ian McKellen starring in a pop video...
Plus some inspirational young chaps who, 5 years after the war in Iraq began, are rebuilding their lives torn apart by it. They really are incredible young heroes, and I don't use the word lightly.

Add to that the stars making gushing acceptance speeches at the Capital Awards, and a taster of the best of the Easter weekend entertainment if you ARE sticking within the M25...
It's going to be great... Psst... Has anyone seen my presenters?
Faye, the Programme Editor.


London Tonight Tonight Wednesday 19th January - sorry we're late!

London Tonight Tonight Wednesday 19th January - sorry we're late!

Dear One and all...

How are we?

If it's not been a good day, think of it like this: Today is Wednesday but it's sort of Thursday at the same time. Because (bear with us here) tomorrow is Thursday but it may as well be Friday... obviously. Well, Friday's not just Friday this week, is it? It's 'Good Friday'. Or 'Great Friday', if you've got the day off. Get it? Not the day off - the whole 'one day is another day' thing.... Shall we move on?

The programme goes to air tonight while MPs decide the future of hundreds of London post offices. 171 are in line for the chop if the Post Office gets it way.
We'll be featuring the fate of two of them. One in Highgate has a champion in the form of Victoria Wood battling to keep it's doors open... while the manager at another one in Woolwich says 'too late - we're stuffed. Close me down'. We've been talking to both of them.

The mother and the father of a lad found murdered in his home last week have also been talking today... telling their heartbreaking and sometimes petrifying story.


Plus we'll have the stories of a schoolboy-turned Hollywood hunk and the lead singer of one of America's all time great rock bands... and a borough full of lollipop men and ladies without their lollipops.
Find out more at six,

Ben & Katie


London Tonight Tonight Tuesday 18th March

London Tonight Tonight Tuesday 18th March
Good afternoon.
Despite having had the physics of flight explained to me several times, I still gaze in disbelief at big jets soaring into the sky. They shouldn't, logically, but they do, consistently. And today, the biggest of them, the Airbus A380, cast a great shadow over London as it swept, majestically, into Heathrow airport ahead of the first scheduled flights. "It was blooming early!" roared Faye, not unlike an RB 211, Rolls Royce ramjet. "They often are", the rest of us observed in a harmony the Red Arrows aerobatic team would have been proud of. "Never when I am on board", she hit back.
This can only prove that the jet-stream has underplayed it's hand recently between here and the Caribbean and here and the Alps. She gets around, our Faye, but seldom arrives early. I think that's because she knows we'd all wait for her, especially when she is wearing  open toe sandals on a chilly day like today.
Aviation of another sort may have saved lives in an otherwise open and closed tragedy. Marcus explains how a Police helicopter may have stopped a policeman from shooting the rest of his family. It is a strange story.
Showing little signs, yet, of lift-off is Ken's campaign to get re-elected. His "Red Baron" seems firmly in the sights of the guns of Boris "Biggles" Johnson. (Captain W.E.Johns wrote the Biggles book so my casting of  Boris is better than you might have thought!) Harris cries "Chocks away!"
Pop stars seem to make a habit of dying in plane crashes - Buddy Holly, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ritchie Valens, the Big Bopper and not Elvis Presley, who died on the loo. I am pleased to have been told that Frankie Valli didn't die in a plane crash either, as I feared: In fact, he "so didn't", to quote Faye again, that he is on the Red Carpet tonight with Lucy in Leicester Square as The Jersey Boys premieres. 
Also premiering tonight is this year's People Millions when we give you, or some of you, lots of dosh. It doesn't have to be a pet cemetery though that did help two years ago. Ducklings feature tonight so I , for one, will be glued as Glen dons his yellow all-in-one and says "quack quack".
He is, of course, free to say what he wants.
Unlike coroners, if the Government has it's way. They are especially cross with the Oxfordshire coroner who has an irritating habit of pointing out that British soldiers might fare better in Iraq if they had the right equipment. The dad of the late Captain James Phillipson rather wants the good coroner to keep bellowing, and he'll tell you why.
You'll hear a pin drop, I suspect.
But hopefully not an aircraft.

"Premium class passengers board first, please!" Hey, that's you....
See you at six.
Alastair and Katie.


London Tonight Tonight Monday 17th March

London Tonight Tonight Monday 17th March
Hello everybody.
Alastair and Katie will be with you tonight but I've got them working so hard this afternoon you'll have to put up with me I'm afraid.
Tonight's programme includes some quite beautiful light, and some pretty sinister shade.

Our top story is the very dark story of a young Norwegian socialite looking forward to a long and happy life. She was out with friends on Friday when she simply disappeared - last seen climbing into the back of a cab outside an exclusive London nightclub. Tonight, it's been confirmed that police have found her body, partially buried under a pile of rubble, in the basement of a posh block of flats nearby.
Forensic officers are combing the area and her tutor tells Glen Goodman why she'll be desperately missed.
Hot under the collar are the bankers this week. As Bear Stearn gets a rescue package, our banks and maybe even our mortgages are suffering from the pinch. So what about the Tottenham boss who's had 500 million pounds wiped off his personal fortune. Well, apparently the club says the game must go on... but the share price is looking a little dicey. Jon will be live at White Hart Lane.
And if you're not a Spurs fan - you should still be worried - it could hurt you - stay tuned for our expert Louisa Fletcher with the news you need to know.
Damien's in a underground World War II bunker, Lucy Cotter's up to her eyes in the National Archives, and Chrissie gets to grips with the pigeons at St Pancras.
I promise that it was only momentary memory loss that saw me send her to tackle our feathered friends... Of course it was too late once I'd been reminded about her bird phobia!!! She coped admirably in the circumstances...
That's all to come, plus of course, the joy that is Al and Katie on the sofa singing along to "Tubular Bells"... Oh did I forget to mention that Mike Oldfield is LIVE in the studio?
Well you must be there then...
See you at six.
Faye (the Programme Editor)


London Tonight Tonight: Fri 14th March

London Tonight Tonight: Fri 14th March

Good afternoon. This Friday we have a First Class package for you - lie back in your fully reclining sleeper-seat , but don't nod off until we've finished!

Sip from a running order that would not look out of place in the finest cellars in the land and feast from a news menu for which Three Michelin Stars would seem an under-statement.

We start at Heathrow where one local resident won the chance to declare the brand new Terminal 5 open . Her house lies on the flight path and, when at home, she and her family enjoy seeing the majestic aircraft wafting in and out of London's premier airport - a royal treat for them all.

No objections, then, from her when they said they were expanding it and she seemed pleased as punch when she declared it "open for business" today.

Others are less than happy and fear further expansion. But we'll reflect both sides of the argument as we see T5 come in on budget and on time.

We've in-flight entertainment with James who offers you 10,000 BC and Horton. He comments, you chose.

Trolley dolly Salma will offer you pre-weekend nibbles in the form of What Not To Miss before returning to the cockpit to fulfill her duties as co-pilot.

I'd have happily helped with the WNTM nibbles but she insisted I check the champagne was chilled. Who am I to argue?

Also onboard and one day heading for Broadway or even Hollywood, the new star of the top musical Hairspray. She recently won an Olivier award which is a bit like giving your career an "upgrade" - Leanne Jones is on her way from duty free to join us in the studio.

We're thinking of redecorating it so we sent Louisa to the Ideal Home Exhibition to gather a few ideas.

So, all that plus a remarkable selection of news stories which will help the time fly by but leave you better informed before you return to your seats, tighten your belts and prepare to land for a lovely weekend.

We'd like to thank you for flying London Tonight.

Chocks away and see you at Six.

Alastair and Salma




London Tonight Tonight: 13th March 2008

London Tonight Tonight: 13th March 2008

Good afternoon, after an unacceptable gap in our electronic communications with you.

We have been installing a whole new system here at ITV News and, as is so often the way, our Baby Blog was thrown out with the old system Bath Water.

Anyway, the errant infant has been found and, like the prodigal son, we have praised it's return and hope you are pleased to see it back, too.

And "seeing" takes me straight to the point. If you have ever been hospitalised - the last time I suffered it was when having my wisdom teeth out as a teenager, which explains a lot - your visual faculties become sharper than ever. You notice the facial features of other patients with a greater intensity; you scan visitors and staff for hints if they are "friend" or "foe". And you spot things going wrong. Ashley Brooks from Essex has just spent £300,000 of his own money trying to put right something he saw during his treatment for leukemia that was definitely wrong. So much money, so much anger: you will flabbergasted when you hear what it was and hear the reaction of the NHS. Ashley joins us, live in the studio.

Krystal Hart will never join anyone anywhere "live", again - she was shot to death in an extreme case of "neighbour rage". The fact that she was pregnant has prompted her mum to deliver one of the most moving victim statements any of us have ever heard. You'll hear it too if you join us at 6.

Joining her dad, not at 6 but for the next several months, is Camilla, aged 15. Their destination is the North Pole: for her, a first - for her dad, almost as familiar as you or me going to supermarket at the weekend. The family surname would give it away so you'll have to join Glen in his anti-ice-glare glasses and snow-shoes to celebrate this teenagers genetically inevitable endeavor.

Also "endeavoring" and also "on ice" are the final hopefuls for Dancing on the aforementioned cold, solid water. Lucy, who you will recall has skated on this programme before, does the Ravel's Bollero bit but, I fear, in a sensible coat. I think the costumes are one of the few reasons for watching this strangely popular programme but I am strange in my tastes, I'll admit.

Yet to admit to anything is the man who went walk-about on the north runway at Heathrow at about the time a Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet rather felt it was it's turn to use the space. Spectacular in its potential danger and worrying, on the eve of HM's visit to open T5, in it's security implications - we're live at Heathrow trying to find answers for you. They may prove as elusive as your holiday luggage.

Finally, James Mason continues to cast light upon a London so many have forgotten but a London so many of you may just recall. Not the London of the swinging sixties - Carnaby Street; the Kinks, flouncing over the Thames, gazing at Waterloo Sunsets or even Mick Jagger taking a cherry soda at the Chelsea Drug store.

This is the London of lamp-lighters, busy docks, smog, bomb-sites begging to be rebuilt and post-war promises waiting to be fulfilled. It is moving, memorable and all beautifully recounted by Liz.

It is enough to tempt me off the studio bench and onto a soft sofa with a mug off Bovril and some dry ration biscuits. Maybe that's where the trouble with the teeth began.

Glad to be back.

Stay with us - we won't leave you again.

Alastair and Nina.


London Tonight Tonight Monday 3rd March

London Tonight Tonight Monday 3rd March
Good afternoon.
"Neighbours" is a fine Rolling Stones track which talks of the contrasting characteristics of the "great to have around" people and the "never darken my door" brigade. Both are on the programme tonight.
The negative comes in the form of a serial drunk who made a habit of trying to gain access to the wrong house when he returned from whichever drinking venue had taken his fancy of a night. He'd get the street right but not the house. Normally it just annoyed folk, but on the occasion we have the sad duty to report, it got fatally out of hand. The grim truth with Glen at 6.

The good guy is David Gilmour, one time lead guitarist of Pink Floyd, and now a hugely successful solo artist. He had a magnificent home in London which was surplus to his requirements. He sold it and, instead of banking another few millions, he told homeless charity Crisis they could have the dosh as long as they built homes for low-paid and homeless people. Crisis leapt at it. Gloom descends as we tell you of the legions of Londoners and their spineless representatives who said - "nice idea but not in my neighbourhood".
Louisa takes us through the planning issues rather than the moral vacuum of this story.

You might think there is a moral and legal vacuum on the internet: is there nothing you can't get up to in the electronic ether which is the worldwide web?
Advertise a car, lure an unsuspecting punter to view the car and bosh - the punter gets a thrashing from the yobs and no car. It gets a lot worse but I think I'll leave Marcus, a bit of an MG man, to tell you about it. You will log on with greater caution in future, I can tell you.

Fiona Richmond was a glamour-puss in the 60s and 70s and had a yellow E-Type Jag with a rude number plate. Her benefactor was soft-porn original Paul Raymond - not "Raymund" but "RaymOnd" , like a french hairdresser.
Porn pays and Mr. R went on to buy the bulk of Soho - no irony, he knew exactly what he was doing and where he was buying. Tragedy stalked this man's curious and sometimes shady life and, as he now prepares to pay rent to his maker...., Ben does a "This WAS Your Life" on the late porn to property plutocrat.

Good news on the care home front for one of our viewers which will interest all of you of a certain age.
We've Boris on the buses and Balpa, the airline pilots' Union, on why Heathrow should get so big it might bump into Gatwick, Stansted and Luton before it's finished.
Also, Robin on why you must keep wrapped up for another 24 hours, and London's papers on what happened in the last 24.

Sorry we failed to get in touch on Friday but  I blame Salma - mainly because she's not here today.

We are, and hope to see you at 6.

Alastair & Katie.