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Afternoon: sorry we are a little later than usual but we have been rushing around trying to make sense of some complicated stuff....
....not least the shooting of an alleged armed robber - (we have to say 'alleged' for legal reasons which is just a small example of how careful we have to be with stories like this).
Anyway, it seems the team, or some members of the team, who shot Jean Charles de Menezes dead at Stockwell Tube station were in action a few days back at a building society in New Romney, Kent. A man was shot dead and there's to be an investigation - that is par for the course. But there's an almighty row about whether it was a Stockwell Team member who fired the fatal shot: and, if it was, was it a bit early for him or her to be back on the job....? Ben will make sense of it for you.

You may have heard the very moving readings on radio of letters a dad wrote to his daughter, despite the fact that she had been killed in a level crossing accident. Jasmin has been to meet him and I defy you not to be touched by his love and passion.

The Olympics will bring no quick fix to London's tourism industry so says the European Association of Travel Agents. Kill joys or the bringing of wise and sober warnings? Estelle speaks a number of languages and will let you know.

Ken is going to Venezuela: we knew but were told to keep it a secret for security reasons which we did until he blurted it out on the radio (That's two mentions of the radio: Ed.) (That's because I listen to radio in the morning rather than watch TV: Alastair). Marcus wants to know why and so do we and we think you might too. Apparently it is about oil for transport advice. With me now is a Black Cab driver... Or not, perhaps!

Jeremy Clarkson gets very Jeremy Clarkson about fast cars, petrol cans and other utterly riveting things from the MPH show. Divided opinion on this one so you decide but I'll warn you, even the antis think it's funny.....

And Chrissie will, on this freezing November evening, tell us why September and October were the hottest on record and what lies ahead in her magic world of meteorological mystery!

See you at 6 ; gosh, that's getting a bit close......

A & K