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Weather blog

Good evening.

Even the current dry, warm & sunny weather didn't take the edge off yesterday's 'Supermarket Incident'.

The UK remains one of the world leaders in poor customer service. I know this, but each time I'm a victim I'm still surprised.

A manager's special was charged at a very unspecial price & so I queried it. Very politely. Help (a misnomer) came in the form of a junior manager who initially insisted I was wrong & then, when it became clear the mistake was his, offered no apology but instead said the fault was mine because I hadn't told him where to look.

This was then made worse by the barrage of abuse I received from the lady in the queue behind me who seemed to think the inevitable delay was my fault & that I was enjoying being an awkward customer.

I despair.

Online shopping from now on, I think....

Until later,


P.S. The weather's staying good for the rest of the week!