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London Tonight Tonight Monday 17th September

London Tonight Tonight Monday 17th September
Good afternoon and welcome to another week of London Tonight which will end on Friday when, once again, I won't be wearing a tie.
It was the Boss's idea and therefore an excellent one with which I am more than comfortable. Some of you don't like it, with which I am less than comfortable and, indeed, I am sorry. But if I put it back on I don't think it would be a sacking or resignation issue.
It is only a fashion item, after all.
Unlike nose-studs as worn by married Hindu women.
I must confess I didn't know that, according to hindu beliefs and scripture, their women folk are encouraged to wear the stud once they become married. They are not big studs, infact, it has been described to me as not unlike the nose-studs worn by many fashionable young people.
We've the story of the nose-stud-wearing Hindu woman, employed by the company who, under contract, service BA's departure lounges at Heathrow, who has been asked to depart from her job because of it.
Glen asks why, via Christians who wear Crosses and Muslims who wear hijabs.
We've also the farmer, waiting to hear if his herd has Foot and Mouth, who has made a personal video of the ghastly waiting game. It'll make you stop in your tracks.
Which, incidently, is what appears to have happened to London property prices at the top-end. Why, and will it filter down? Louise is the lady with the yard-stick.

Also time for you to measure the merits of our first "would-be" London Carer of The Year. Three more this week and your big vote, please, on Friday. It will be a tough call, I promsie, so watch carefully and don't cry too much or your vision will blur.
Faye , The Producer, does not have a nose-stud but has just put an entire Custard Cream in her mouth and stated, very loudly though less than clearly, that she "ruvs cushud keems"... or something like that.
She's coloured her hair, too.
London Fashion week always sees her do something significant to her appearance and always sees her eating with zest so there are no Size Zero confusions about her. Given she is , in my view, a vision of perfection, neither habit is necessary... But who am I to argue with either Boss?
Jasmine donned her glad rags on your behalf and reports from last night's opening party. Can you still see Size Zero supermodels if they are standing sideways? I wonder. Bring on the custard creams, I say.
Enjoy, and Tamzin and I will be delighted to take tea with you at 6.