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London Tonight Tonight Wednesday 9th July

London Tonight Tonight Wednesday 9th July

Hello -

I remember, some years back, I found myself asking Americans to list three things they associated with London. Now, straight up, one of them said "Tea, the Beatles and fog".

I ask you.

You could understand it if they said the rain.... Don't worry, we'll have a go at Chrissie on your behalf later.

Anyway, fair to say, one of the iconic images associated with our great city is the black cab. Perhaps that's about to change. Another company has been given the licence to make vehicles to be used as London cabs. The company is Mercedes.

I'll just wait while that sinks in.

Actually, we won't have to wait long until they're on the streets. So - what will that mean for the streets of London, for the people who hire them... who drive them... who build them?

Guess which story we'll be asking for you to text in about this evening.

Mind you, we could have asked you about another of our stories - a group of disabled girls went into a beauty salon to get their nails done but were turned away. There's a difference of opinions over who said what at the time. The upshot though is that, while the salon said they've done nothing wrong, they've paid the girls thousands of pounds in compensation.

We'll also be reporting on some men who believe the best way to change the law on fathers' access to their children, is to climb onto someone's roof in South London. The someone is Harriet Harman. Yes, it happened to her last month too.

Plus McFly who are fun-loving lads who make music, who've done well, who want to start their own label...

See you at SIX.

Ben & Nina