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Good afternoon to you.

And what a lovely, lovely afternoon it is. Perfect for sitting outside a pub I'd say, quaffing a little something in the spring sunshine. Before the budget sticks the price up. I'm glad to say I don't smoke - never really appealed to me - or I'd be even more out of pocket. I'd better make this quick so I can pop up to the shops to stock my cupboard with (only-ever-to-be-drunk-sensibly) booze.

We're going to start our programme this evening with a man called Levi Bellfield - you may remember he was jailed last year for the murder of two young women. At the time detectives said he was their main suspect in the murder of the Surrey schoolgirl, Milly Dowler. Well, he's now given an interview to the Daily Mirror - from prison -in which he admits driving a red car seen in the area, and on the day, Milly was last seen alive. Ronke will look at what that means for the investigation into her death.

The police are also at the heart of our next story: if rank and file officers find themselves tasked to police a huge demonstration and they were hit in the ensuing rumpus, how should they respond? Well, it seems one or two of them are considering 'rolling with the punches' rather than responding in a way some might consider too violent. We've tracked down some internet chat where officers are making clear they'd rather take a 'softly, softly' approach and keep their job than risk any flak from 'getting it wrong'. We'll have a chat with the head of the coppers' union in the studio.

We'll also have the heartbreaking story of a young girl who was deprived of oxygen at birth. The consequences for Ellie and her family have been truly awful not to mention their battle to get an NHS trust to admit the blame for the mistake. Well, they have achieved that at least. Today, the hospital in Stevenage has been ordered to hand over 6 million pounds in compensation. Liz will be asking just how 'compensated' the parents feel.

Anyone here a big fan of 'Iron Maiden'? I'm going to be honest. I'm not. When I asked Ms Hyndman - currently knocking out e-mails to her mates - if she was a fan... "No" came very quickly. Robin says he's "always loved" them. Actually, can anyone name an 'Iron Maiden' track..? Probably just as well they've opened a hotel. Lewis has been for a sneaky peak. Probably found there were no TVs in the room - all been thrown out of the window. That's a joke. In case the lawyers are feeling short of cash after the Budget.

Then we have seven women short of clothes. Naked, in fact. Well, they will be if you pays your money and gets along to the Noel Coward Theatre for the stage version of the film version of the, er, paper thing with all the year's dates on it. Lucy has been speaking to the cast of 'Calendar Girls'.

Have I left anything out? Oh yes, Mr Stewart may have taken the evening off from presenting duties but he's been a very busy chap of late. Yesterday, he spent the day with the Mayor of London. So, if you want to see what one of the country's big political beasts is like as he prowls the streets of London, tune in. And you can see what Boris is like too.

See you at six.

Ben & Alex