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Three miles high. The highest plateau on earth where an official game of cricket can be played. Tomorrow they play "The Everest Test" - and create a record that can't be broken. Exclusive coverage on London Tonight.
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Good afternoon.
Churchill said if you couldn't make an argument in half a side of A4 paper it wasn't worth making. We've had a dog of a day and I know we are running late so, here goes.
A fourth person has come forth to say the police hadn't grasped the servant - master equation at the G20 gatherings, claiming she, too, was bashed on the head by a copper. Glen says, "hello, hello, hello and, again, hello... what's going on 'ere", at 6.
Waltham Forest Council want to ban fast-food outlets from the immediate hinterland of their schools. I remember, as a child, going to a nearby bakery for fresh bread and to a corner-shop for sweeties and I am as svelte as a svelte 56-year-old might be. Wimpy Bars were the only fast-food outlets so perhaps Waltham Forest have a point. Mind you, the streets near most WF schools swell with existing outlets so kebabery, burgherisms and the rest of it look likely to outlive the Council. Lewis, more of a lave bread and Welsh Rarebit man, sniffs the air.
Kirstie's in to see if two swallows and £50 Billion in mortgage guarantees in Wednesday's budget make a spring.
Mark is still up Everest and the boys are inspecting the pitch in goggles, big gloves (not just the 'keeper) and fur-boots. I don't anticipate much spin nor many runs but who knows.
Star Trek splits the infinitives as if there were no tomorrow as they boldly go backwards into the past. Nick said "Beam me up" so we did and he landed on the red carpet in Leicester Square with the latest Star Trek movie which should have been the first and may yet be the last.
And Sinead O'Connor tells us she has re-released her most successful album because her record company told her to. But why did she have her hair cut so short? She reveals more than a fine scalp, I can tell you.
I can't however, tell you more as I have run out of time and space.
Katie is in make-up but sends her best. I am rushing off but join her in same and we both request your splendid company for papers, e-mails, weather and all the above at... 6

That's it - my money has run out.....