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You will have seen the pics in the papers and have probably caught the video on the TV or the internet today - if not, you'll see it tonight. It's of the moment Ian Tomlinson died at the G20 protests last week. He is apparently hit by a police officer and falls to the ground. We knew Mr Tomlinson died of a suspected heart attack during the protests - what we didn't know was that the police had contact with him before he died. Remember at the time they said they'd tried to help him when he was found on the ground - but couldn't 'cos of the protesters around him. They said when they got to him it was too late - but now the question is - was it their fault he fell ill in the first place?

This is where it all gets messy - the pics are pretty incriminating - Ian's family want a criminal investigation - the IPCC's looking into it.. Simon's been checking all the facts too - he'll bring us all the details tonight. We'll be asking for your input on this too.

From one tragedy to another - a ten year old boy's been orphaned after his Dad - who was due to give up work to take care of him full time - was killed cycling to the job he was only going to be at for two more days. William's' Mum died from cancer only months earlier. She left behind two kids from her previous marriage - now they at just 21 and 19 - are going to be looking after William. Marcus Powell's been to meet them.

Now, as it's a lovely sunny day we thought we'd send Liz out to the garden - well, not our garden.. We don't have one! And neither do the gardeners who used to potter and hoe to their hearts' content in Manor Gardens. They were chucked out 'cos it's the Olympic Park - the land was then flattened - but now there's a gardening competition on the plots. I'm confused - Liz will make it all as clear as mud - no, that's not the right saying - you know what I mean!

Next - mainly - Whoopi!! Whoopi Goldberg's on the show!! Faye and i can't wait to see Sister Act on the stage - that's what she's on the show talking to Lucy about...Al says he'd pay good money to avoid it. By the way - it's his 31st wedding anniversary today!! He's away rehearsing something so i can pop that in here and send huge congratulations to himself and the lovely Mrs Stewart!!

Also, don't miss Matthew Kelly - he's coming in to tell us about his new life as a serious actor!

It's all at 6 as per usual.

See you then,

Alex & Alastair.