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Thursday 12th June

London Afternoon Afternoon Thursday 12th June

Good afternoon again.

No Al or Katie I'm afraid, we've got them working so hard there's no time for a chat! But they'll be with you at 4 o'clock this afternoon - just like yesterday.

And we'll be jampacked full of stories. From Kevin Tripp, the 57 year old father caught up in a trivial argument that cost him his life... To the baby food being recalled because it's caused violent sickness in children in North London. We'll have the very latest on that scary case, and all the information YOU need to protect your little ones.

As if that weren't enough - we're out on patrol with the Security Guards hired by London's wealthiest residents at the whopping cost of 50 thousand pounds a year! Phil Bayles joined the boys protecting the rich and famous.

And the Portuguese invasion at Chelsea proceeds apace. Big Phil Scolari is taking over at Stamford Bridge. But what do the Blues' fans make of that decision?
Piers will find out.

And all that dressed up with the lovely Al and Katie. What more could you ask for? I know, nothing.

See you at 4 then!

Faye (the Programme Editor)