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London Tonight Tonight Tuesday 24th July

London Tonight Tonight Tuesday 24th July
Hello to you.
The sun's shining. Honest. If you're working somewhere that doesn't have windows (or you lost the weekly raffle for the desk by the window) - go outside and see for yourself. Mother said there'd be days like this. And she was right.
However, we - and some of the rest of the country - are not out of the watery woods just yet. As the water that fell out of the sky over the weekend slowly surges down the Thames, there are communities in our parts who's worst fears have, or may soon, come true. That's obviously ONE of the stories we'll be looking at this evening. Chrissie will also have the all-important forecast too.
One thought that will have occurred to lots of people watching the dreadful pictures of flooded homes over the last few weeks - WHY were the houses built so close to the river? They were bound to flood, weren't they? Much the same point is made about future house-building in a Government report - that came out 4 years ago. And yet there are still plans to build on a flood-plain at Barking Reaches. Damien Steward will look at the common sense of it all.
And what of the common sense of paying a man MILLIONS of pounds for... well, what DID Bob Kiley do for London transport? The Mayor reckons he's some sort of God. An expensive God, certainly - but now that he seems to be firmly on his way back west, we ask was he worth the money? Mind you, the total bill might not be quite so huge thanks to London's booming property prices ... Confused? Glenn Goodman will try to clear things up for us.
Our lead tonight, though, has the 'you have GOT to be kidding' factor. Extraordinary and sickening. Former boxer James Oyebola was in a London club last night when someone started smoking next to him. We know that's against the law. He knows that's against the law. But after he had POLITELY pointed that out... he was shot. He's now fighting for his life in hospital. Liz Wickham will have the latest on the condition of a man described by former colleagues as a 'gentle giant'.
On a lighter note, we'll also have Carmen (Jones not rollers)... bike thieves (getting their glorious comeuppance).
It's all on ITV1 at SIX.
See you then,
Ben & Katie.

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