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London Tonight Tonight Monday 13th August

London Tonight Tonight Monday 13th August
Afternoon everyone,
Another busy start to the week here in London, and we've got all the top stories for you.
We start with a harrowing appeal from a grieving mother - begging local people to help catch her son's killer. Ben Hitchcock was one of a record 18 teenagers killed on London's streets this year alone - and his mum is certain someone knows who's responsible. She tells Ronke Phillips how she hopes they'll be brave enough to come forward.
Next - how would you feel if a teenager told you what to do in the street? Well, with two sixteen year olds now appointed as community support officers in Reading -Thames Valley residents better get used to it. We'll be finding out why the force thinks kids are capable of supporting the police.
They've vowed to cause disruption and admitted they do plan to break the law - we're live at the Camp for Climate Action at Heathrow, as Simon Harris investigates what chaos may ensue at the capital's busiest airport.
Now - how many of you carry a donor card? And how many of you have even given due consideration to whether you would donate your organs?
Well, one man on the show tonight is hoping that he might just be able to persuade you it's the right thing to do. Peter Williams is 28 years old, but has been told that without a new heart he will die in three weeks time. Marcus Powell met the father of three, fighting for his life.
And finally tonight - "I feel the need for speed". Well sort of! If you recognise that line, you'll definitely want to see Chrissie at a gathering of Top Gun fans tonight.....she hasn't told us whether she'll be in a flight suit just yet...but she is meeting "Viper" and promising not to lose her wing man!
Plenty to keep you watching - so hope you'll join us at 6.
Emma and Alastair