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Wednesday July 1st

Wednesday July 1st

Good Afternoon.

If you've been stuck inside all day (like me) you'll be delighted to know that outside it's expected to reach 27 degrees celcius this afternoon.

That's just one of the important numbers in the programme tonight.


How about this one - 76% of people who took part in the consultation about extending the Congestion Charge Zone didn't want it. It happened anyway. Now Boris is going to ask people what they think - and if they don't want it - he's promising to listen. Is the writing on the wall for the Western Extension? Simon will tell us.

Ben Kinsella was victim 17. Today - one of his friends wore a t-shirt. On it - the number 18 and a question mark. The message - that she - or any of the teenagers on a protest march today - or indeed any teenager in London - could be the next victim of gun or knife crime in the capital. Where do we go from here? We'll investigate.

The NHS is 60. We'll be looking back again.

Jenny Tomlin is a number one best selling author. She's also Martine McCutcheon's mum. And she's in the studio (studio 4, in case you wondered about the number).

And then - Benny and Bjorn. They've sold more than a third of a billion records. Now that's a big number. Lucy will be talking to them. I hope she thanked them for the music.

My last number - six. That's when we're on - join Alastair and Katie. I'll be hiding in the control room.



Editor, London Tonight (and Programme Editor tonight as it happens, as Faye is busy interviewing the future stars of ITV News at Central in Birmingham)