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Good Afternoon everyone,

Hope you're all well - looking forward to the weekend, devoid of snow and ice, we hope.

Got to be a quick round-up for this evening's programme - so here goes.

We've been speaking to the cousin of a UN worker who was on duty in Haiti. She hasn't been heard of since the quake that has killed thousands. No one can imagine the anguish her family is going through.

A family in anguish is also at the heart of another story tonight - the cousin of Sukhwinder Singh is appealing for help in catching his killers. You may remember the young father died in Barking last Friday after he gave chase to muggers who'd just made off with a lady's handbag. He caught up with them. They stabbed him.

There's also the battle between some homeowners who haven't had their rubbish collected. For 7 weeks. It stinks. How fair is that? We've been speaking to the council involved. Harrow, for your information.

Speaking of what's fair and what isn't fair... West Ham have today been fined £115,000 for the violent clashes between their fans and Millwall fans at Upton Park last year. Lots of debate in the office on how much impact that will actually have on the club.

And James King will be in talking about two new movies you might want to catch this weekend.

Robin McCallum will be out talking about what he can do with a block of ice and a chisel.

And Marcus Powell will be 'under' the water...

Find out why - at six.

Ben & Nina

Good evening,

There's been much talk of the thaw over the last couple of days. In Central London there's little, if any, evidence of the recent snow & ice but you don't have to travel too far out of town to find icy pavements & untreated minor roads still deep in snow.

Ironically fresh snow (I have discovered) is much easier to drive & walk on than the mushy grey sorbet that's still about, lying stubbornly on top of a frozen crust. In my neck of the woods driving anywhere other than on A roads remains quite a challenge - the thick slush makes it almost impossible to anything other than move very slowly forwards in a straight line. Turning a corner is alarming because the moment you leave the tracks left by the other cars it becomes the vehicular equivalent of Round 1 of Dancing on Ice.

We've got wind & rain on the way, though, (HURRAH) so with any luck the temperatures will improve & the snow might be washed away. Let's just hope it doesn't lead to flooding....

Hope to see you later,