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Good Evening,

'Broken society' - our broken society - that's the main theme of David Cameron's speech this afternoon. Today's show unfortunately does little to dispel that notion.

Hemel Hempstead has been a broken society for almost 3 years. The Buncefield Oil Depot explosion dispersed the community, destroyed local businesses and left streets literally in tatters. . Today Total and Chevron were in the High Court - the start of a hearing to decide which if any company was responsible. Those who continue to be affected are claiming £1 billion in damages. They've waited a long long time for closure - hopefully this will bring it.

Back to David Cameron - he says in no uncertain terms - there will be no third runway at Heathrow under a Tory government. We've heard a lot on this over the past week ... today we'll speak live to Willie Walsh , BA's chief exec who unsuprisingly thinks it will damage the national economy and condemn air travellers to decades of delays (and that's without going through Terminal 5).


David Cameron says he's 'a man with a plan' to fix our Broken Society, for that we'll just have to wait and see. Two people who have already shown their grit and determination to make a difference are Gloria and Richard Taylor, parents of Damilola who was stabbed and left to die in a Peckham stairwell almost 8 years ago. They made a vow to tackle youth violence on our streets and remained true to their word. Unfortunately Gloria passed away earlier this year - but Richard has been honoured at the Pride of Britain awards, and rightly so.

Guy Ritchie meets Sherlock Holmes in a new movie - confused? Alastair isn't - "Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Violins" he said "put that in the blog" ... I wouldn't dare to go against such a wish, especially as I know he's had his sugar intake today - I knew buying that crunchie was a bad idea.

Well the lovely Lucy will of course be covering that. Phil Bayles meets 9 very happy lottery winners from a care home in Essex. And Chrissie is back from her hols - looking incredibly tanned and relaxed ... when the weather girl goes abroad for her sun you know she can't have much good news to report ... oh well.

See you at 6

Salma and Alastair