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Good Afternoon to you...

So, I was on duty reading the late last night - sitting there in the studio, gathering my thoughts you know, practising reading out loud - when the music starts, I look up and.... the 'autocue' says nothing more than 'autocue' on it. It's what Sir Alex Ferguson might call 'squeaky bum time'. Anyway, I don't want to make a drama out of a crisis - we got through the first lead in, reading from the scripts and the presenter's friend was up and running after that. But I've just been told this afternoon that a new chap was operating the kit downstairs in the News at Ten studio and when News at Ten finished, he, er... just switched the whole thing off. Two things strike me ahead of this evening's programme - I must double check I've got my paper scripts with me and hope he's got the evening off.

Now, onto what we have in the programme.

The verdict on who was responsible for the Potters Bar rail crash - and the coroner's ominous warning to rail-users.

The Mayor's 'on yer bike' campaign now comes complete with thousands of bikes to rent and special places to park them.

A Romanian woman has been convicted of all sorts of charges today after getting a group of children to beg for money in London.

Lucy Cotter has been speaking to the new boy band tipped to top the singles chart this weekend. Get screaming girls, for 'The Wanted'.

And, my favourite story of the day. At a time when we're all being told that local council's will have to watch their spending very carefully, East Hertfordshire council has just stumped up almost £6,000 for an exercise park. For dogs. Think on, my friends, think on.

See you at six,

Ben & Lucy


Good evening,

I have a squeaky shoe.

It's an unremarkable fact, I know, & I imagine I'm not alone. Most of the time I don't give it any thought but every now & then I find it acutely embarrassing.

I was in good time for my train this morning & having got my paper I started the walk to the far end of the platform in order to be in the front carriage for a speedy exit at Waterloo. The sky was blue (less of that over the next few days as sunny spells & scattered showers are on the menu), the birds were singing & my fellow commuters were enjoying quiet cups of coffee. And then I started my walk. The calm was soon punctuated by angry squeaking that seemed to get louder with each step I took. I tried to alter my gait to minimise the noise but people continued to look up from their papers & watch, frowning, as I half limped half minced my way down the platform, cheeks burning all the while.

This was 8 hours ago & I still get a hot flush when I think about it.

Hope to see you later. Listen out for the squeak that will herald my arrival in the studio.