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London Tonight Tonight Thursday 29th May

London Tonight Tonight Thursday 29th May

Hello, Hello, and, once again, I say... Hello.

We're busy here this afternoon, so you'll forgive me if I don't flit off on some flight of fancy today but stick to a straightforward rundown of why we're busy here this afternoon...

Knives. London knows what a scourge they've become on our streets. We see and hear about the repercussions on an appallingly regular basis. To be fair, the Met takes is seriously too but when the top cop, Sir Ian Blair, stood up today and effectively said "The Met's now stepping things up a gear", more than one person was left saying "NOW you're stepping things up a gear..?"

Anyway, with more stopping and searching announced recently, there's NOW also a video showing the reconstruction of a stabbing and posters showing some real life injuries inflicted with knives. Posters? Are they really the answer? Well, we'll be asking the experts tonight. A panel of 15 year old Londoners will tell us if any of the above will have a positive effect.

We'll also be talking to someone who's seen knife crime up close. He's Duwayne Brooks. He was Stephen Lawrence's mate and he was there when Stephen was stabbed. It's his first TV interview in 10 years. We'll ask what he thinks. And then we'll ask you what you think.

Next up: the bridge collapse involving rail lines in the East End. It happened yesterday evening but the after-effects went on until lunchtime today. You'll know what we mean if your commute normally involves Liverpool Street station. Some people had a hideous time getting home last night. Others - a hideous time getting into work today. And they're paying for it.

We'll also tell you what a certain lady called Naomi (as in Campbell) was told at Heathrow police station today - not good news.

And there's some extraordinary footage of a bit of a ride at Thorpe Park... flying off the ride at Thorpe Park.

Plus quiet please, show some respect. There's a fascinating new exhibition opening at Goldsmiths in the City - silver and gold ware from churches around the country, pulled together for the first time. There are some great stories to some of the pieces, and we'll hear what the Archbishop of Canterbury thinks about it all.


And then there are The Osmonds. All of them.

That's a packed show, if ever you saw one.

And you'll see it at SIX.

Ben & Katie