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London Tonight Tonight Tuesday May 1st


After yesterday's convictions of the Fertiliser bomb plotters and the revelations of their links with the 7/7 bombers.. Today, the inevitable recriminations. We've all the latest on the 7/7 survivors' calls for a public inquiry.

700 police officers, 30 arrests... It's been a busy day for the country's coppers. A massive international operation to grab animal rights extremists has been a massive success. Liz Wickham's been following the dramatic developments.

A wonderful story for any fans of Finding Nemo, Jules Verne, the Big Blue... You get my drift. For the first time, a rare species of coral has been successfully bred in captivity. And no, I didn't know that you could breed coral, either! It's amazing for all sorts of environmentally exciting reasons.. And the pictures are awesome too. So tune in!

We've got football in the form of Chelsea v Liverpool - away. All the colour and controversy of the Kop ... We've also got the extraordinary tale of how the piano saved one bad lad's life.... Really! There is no limit to the power of music, as you'll discover.

And just to back that point I'm sure, we've got the lovely Beverley Knight in the studio to talk about her new album.

See you later!

Katie and Alastair. X