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London Tonight Tonight Thursday 6th November 2008

London Tonight Tonight Thursday 6th November 2008
Good afternoon to you all,
Alastair is back today after his US election extravaganza and there is plenty happening in London for him and the rest of us to get our teeth into.
Remember former Mayor Ken Livingston's grand (and expensive) plans for London's transport system? Well his successor has called these promises unrealistic and hollow today, and promptly scrapped around £3 billion pounds worth of major transport projects in the capital. These include the Thames Gateway Bridge Scheme, the Docklands Light Railway extension and the Oxford Street tram.  The Thames Gateway Bridge alone had the potential to create 42,000 jobs. So has Boris gone bonkers or is the money better spent elsewhere?
If his schedule permits, Boris will be live on the show to explain all - fingers crossed.
I have nothing but admiration for the doctors and nurses in our London NHS hospitals, but having spent many weeks at St Thomas' this time last year when my other half was gravely ill, I can see what challenges they, and patients face every day. It seems obvious to say, but when things go wrong it really is a matter of life and death. So that leads us to the story of June Cutmore. She went in to St Barts Hospital for a heart operation with a red wristband and medical notes flagging up the fact that she was severely allergic to penicillin. But she was given it anyway and she died. Her family, understandably want answers. Liz brings you the full story.
You may remember 16 year old Ahmed who, amazingly, survived an unprovoked and savage knife attack a year ago which left him with a blade embedded in his skull. Today Yassin Elmansouri, 17, has been jailed for life. But his victim is also living with a sentence - a sentence which means his life will never be the same as he aims to recover from his injuries. Ronke has been to see Ahmed and will bring you his moving story.
In showbiz tonight, it's the premiere of "Body of Lies" in Leicester Square, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe.  I've been a Leo fan since he played the mentally handicapped boy Arnie in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" and, I know not everyone agrees with me, but I think he's grown up into a great actor... maturing very nicely methinks. But, I digress... (sorry!). This time he is playing a CIA agent tracking down terrorists, and, with Ridley Scott directing, it should be a good one. Lucy will have the latest from the red carpet.... maybe even Leo (more fingers crossed).  I was supposed to interview Leo once and he didn't turn up because he had a cold, so if he doesn't show up tonight, we've got an interview with Colin Farrell instead. Our brilliant producer Faye (yes there are two of us!) has plan Bs for everything on this programme!
I may be in my element when it comes to Leonardo, but Al has been in his, having a look around a new Rolling Stones exhibition.  Forty years ago the rock gods released the album "Beggar's Banquet" and photos from the time are going on display at the Blink Gallery in Soho. That exhibition opens tomorrow but we can share a sneak preview tonight - hoorah!
If you didn't make a firework display yesterday then Chrissie will be here to let us know if the weather will be kind enough for more whizzes and bangs in the next few days. If it's raining those free papers are always handy as emergency shelter, but we shall of course be taking you through what they are reporting this evening and, if you have some views on Boris' new transport plans, then get typing as we'll be reading out emails and texts on the subject.
Do join us all at 6!
Faye B
P.S. Alastair is extremely chuffed as he interviewed Lewis Hamilton today (you may have seen it on the ITV Lunchtime News) and got a full-blown public apology from our new Formula 1 World Champion. Tune in to find out why!