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London Tonight Tonight Thursday 21st June

Good Afternoon.

Hope you're all well and - if you were up with the larks rolling around naked in one of London's parks to mark the Summer Solstice - we hope you're not too tired. There are one or two people sitting at their desks round here, looking a little bleary-eyed AND with bits of grass in their hair... No, we haven't asked.

Speaking of mark the longest day of the year, we hope you'll be taking part in the 'Lights Out London' campaign. It's all happening between 9 and 10 tonight. And if you need more details on how you can sit back and feel a bit 'greener'... you'd better watch the programme.

Now, Grease - as we all know by now - is the word. You may have watched the ITV programme and voted for the chap and chapette now lined up to be the new Danny and Sandy. (Don't tell anyone - but someone sitting not too far from here right now was watching 'Joseph' on the other side. Tickets have been bought for one Thursday night in November, ready to check out whether 'Lee' was a vote well cast... or not.) Anyway, Danny B and Susan have begun rehearsals for their first night in just 6 weeks time. Tamzin will be chatting with them to find out just how nervous they are.

The programme starts though on a much more sombre note - the stabbing of Sian Simpson. An 18 year girl has been charged with her murder - and there is still a very real sense of shock around the corner of Croydon where Sian's life was brought so abruptly to an end. Glen Goodman is the only TV reporter who's been speaking to her father and sister - and we'll hear their desperate story this evening.

We'll also be looking at two London institutions that get Londoners' blood boiling. Let's start with the Dome (or the O2, as some very earnest people in suits would want us to call it). Love it, loathe it - the place is back in business - and this time, it's showbusiness. It's now the biggest music venue of its kind in Europe and it opens this weekend. Robyn Ross has been for a sneaky-peak.

Phil Bayles though is riding the Metronet express right into another cash controversy. The people who paid an awful lot of money to do up the tube and make it faster, cleaner, nicer, better (we'll let you judge) now say they've not been paid enough for the work they've done. In fact, they reckon they're owed more than £1 BILLION. We just tell you the facts. You judge for yourselves.

So then - a packed, packed programme. You wouldn't want to miss it... like Alastair...

You see, we've also been speaking to his 'hero of the hour', Lewis Hamilton. At just 22 years old, the terribly nice chap from Hertfordshire just happens to be leading the Formula One Drivers' Championship. Mr Stewart will be spitting feathers... but then, he's going to be a very busy man a little later on ITV1.

We'll tell you all about that too - at SIX.

Ben & Katie