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Sitting here watching Wimbledon (I'm working hard if anyone asks obviously) - actually managed to miss Federer breeze through into the finals - something about slicing through it like butter was the description used in the meeting just now. High hopes for Andy Murray who's on court now. Off court..well, to be honest on court, in the umpires chair and in the commentary box was where one London Tonight reporter managed to find herself. We've got the pics to prove it and see what All England officials have to say about it. She wasn't a security threat so it's more amusing than worrying but still..see what you think.

Before that we've got the latest swine flu figures. Worryingly we have had our first death in London from the disease - but, as with the other deaths in the country - the teenager in question did have other medical problems so we're being told it's more down to that than the disease itself getting more aggressive. The figures themselves say 100,000 of us a day are going to be infected - that means around 10,000 a day here in the capital. Although the virus itself isn't life-threatening it's still concerning - as none of us want the flu - swine or otherwise. We've got advice and details tonight.

We've also got more on the double jeopardy case which has seen an ex-footballer jailed for killing his girlfriend - 7 years after being cleared of the crime, the case against a woman who lied about where she lived to get her kid into a good school and a look at what's happening down at Stratford station in preparation for the 2012 Olympics.

James King's here too to talk Public Enemies and a third Ice Age flick and Lewis has been down to the Nordoff Robbins awards to catch up with the Beach Boys and Lulu - but didn't manage to get Take That on the show for the second time this week as they were a no show. Ah well.

To make up for it Al is back with me tonight - not right now..he's off planning something but will be on the sofa sans tie in his usual Friday style later.

Can't wait - see you then.

Alex & Alastair.
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