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Dear One, Dear All... Welcome to the Weekend.

Got to be a quick affair this afternoon. Not sure sure where all the time has gone. Better get on before much more slips by.

We start tonight with the latest twist in the Gary McKinnon saga. His worst fears were realised this morning when the High Court effectively ruled he should be extradited to America, to be tried for hacking into rather of lot of military computers. It's yet to be decided whether his legal team can challenge this ruling in the newly established Supreme Court. Today is a massive blow to him. We sort of feel rather close to this story on London Tonight. We certainly retain our journalistic integrity and it's not for us to say whether he should be extradited or not - but the mainstay of his defence against it is the fact he's autistic - something an expert diagnosed after he was interviewed on the programme.

We'll speak to his Mum tonight to see how he's getting on and what they plan to do next.

Who else are we talking to? Well, you can expect a completely different conversation with Aly Michalka. She's young. She's, dare I say it, rather a good-looking young lady, and her new film 'Band Slam' hits the cinema next month. She'll tell us all about that and her band '78 Violet' - a double act with sister, AJ.

Oh, and we'll also be hearing from Robbie Collin - in to talk about 'The Taking of Pelham 123' and 'The Land of the Lost' - two movies coming to a cinema screen near you.

Hopefully, if you were to pop along and see one or both of them, they'd make you 'happy'. Or perhaps, it's a decent bottle of red... or maybe collecting stamps or... you get the drift. All sorts of things make all sorts of people happy (sorry, this is a bit like a bad philosophy tutorial, isn't it?), but we hear from a professor this evening who reckons we can all spread a bit of happiness. It can be infectious. At least I think that's what they said at the programme meeting. Truth to tell I'm a bit in the dark on this one. Don't worry, I'll have it licked by the time we go on air.

We'll also have some pictures of bad men stealing cash-machines... and tell you how long they'll be spending at Her Majesty's Pleasure.

Oh - and there's the latest on the train strike hitting commuters going into and out of Liverpool Street. That won't make anyone happy.

Hopefully... overall... we will.

See you at six,

Ben & Lucy