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London Tonight Tonight Wednesday 28th January 2009


We start Tonight tonight with a look at the new Met Commissioner - he's a familiar figure having already been doing the top job since Sir Ian Blair left. He was also his deputy before it all went so wrong between Sir Ian and Boris.

Sir Paul Stephenson's got an awful lot on his plate now he's landed the gig - and he's pledged to do it his way and not fall into the traps his predecessor did. That means getting on with the Mayor - and getting on with cutting crime, getting London ready for the Games, and guiding the force through a recession. Simon Harris has met the man and will tell us whether politics really is out of the equation now. We'll also be asking for your questions for the Met's new top dog - he's going to come in and speak to us in the near future so we'll be able to ask him whatever you want to ask him then.

Speaking of the recession - and more job losses...Union leaders have described as 'disappointing' the government's plans to underwrite loans for the car industry. Lord Mandleson's £2.3 billion isn't a bailout as such but it is a helping hand - Piers Hopkirk's been speaking to workers at Ford's Dagenham plant to get their reactions.

Next up we're checking out plans to create trauma centres at 4 hospitals in London. Seems like a good idea - surely we need more specialist centres - but none of them are planned for North London. That means not one of them will be close enough to Heathrow if - God forbid - it were needed. Glen Goodman examines the arguments for and against.

Remember the baby who was born 2 days after her mother, the ice-skating champ Jayne Soliman, died? Well, Mary Nightingale's been speaking to the little one's Dad about the decision which must have been a terribly hard one to make, as the tiny girl begins life without her Mum.

Then we're looking at a breakthrough cancer drug - which was discovered by a vet 10 years ago. Patients say it's worked - with one guy who'd been given a year to live completely recovering. It could even be available over the counter if it gets approval. Al's response to the vet's discovery was something about throwing a stick and seeing if his patients bring it back...cue random giggles from me...

We have to excuse Al - he's not quite recovered from the Pussycat Dolls and their fitness display with Lewis Vaughan Jones last night - not sure the White Lies will have the same effect on him - but they may take Lucy Cotter's fancy... She's been to meet the band who are tipped to be huge this year. Check them out for yourself at 6.

See you then

Alex & Alastair.