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London Tonight Tonight Wednesday 27th June

I am so sorry to be late with this little missif but Tony Blair finally called it a day, today, and Gordon went to the Palace and, we suspect, stayed on for a sarnie and sherbert which has made everything else run late! Oh what a life. The King is dead, long live.... the right to linger, loiter and keep London Tonight Tonight waiting. I despair.

Bet Tony was on the phone on the way to the Palace to say goodbye and bet Gordon was, too, telling all his mates to tune in and see his magic moment on the telly. That's fine... but if the driver had done it while at the wheel then he'd have been for the high-jump. You know that. Or do you? Lots of you are driving as if you didn't. Phil has the evidence and will remind you of the risks you are running.

Running the Olympics from a sporting point of view is going to be a doddle compared to running it as a property business. How much will the Olympic Park be worth in 2013? One careful, albeit Olympic size, owner? £800 M? £2B? It matters because upon it hinges, like a creeky barn-door, the amount the National Lottery Good Causes will get back. Or not.
Bit of a gamble, then, for the National Lottery to have lent the money in the first place. Harris is the man in the shades at the roulette wheel.

Travelling on a bus shouldn't be a gamble, nor should glancing at a stranger be risky. For Martin Dinnegan, on his way to a Youth Club, both proved fatal. The why's and wherefore's are mind-numbing but Glen will be taking you through them and we'll be asking you what you make of it.

Cue the music: Crowded House are reforming - ( I didn't know they had broken up) - just in time to hit the concert circuit as they ban smoking in enclosed places. Will this be good news or bad, for them? Everywhere you go, it seems you can no longer do what you want...
(Only if you are a selfsh polluter: Ed)
Stub it out, guv! It was only a play on the words to a song..
(Oh, alright then: Ed)
See you at 6 ... if he's really forgiven us.

Alastair and Katie