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London Tonight Tonight Wednesday 20th June


Another awful knife death leads our programme tonight. This time it's a 17 year old girl, stabbed in the street in Croydon yesterday. The 2 suspects currently being questioned by police - also teenage girls. It sounds shocking - and if all is as it seems, then it certainly is shocking. We'll have all the latest information and interviews with witnesses and friends of the victim.

You'll remember of course the day that Jill Dando was shot dead on her own Fulham doorstep 8 years ago. The man convicted of her murder, Barry George today won the right to appeal for a second time. He's always claimed it wasn't him, and now his lawyers suggest there is new evidence to back his case. Marcus Powell has been investigating.

We've the tale of the 2 year old boy who waited 4 hours in A and E in Reading with a broken leg. As you can imagine, his parents were NOT impressed.

Phil Bayles been taking a look at the rather macabre new exhibition from the Wellcome Trust and Tamzin's interviewing that old charmer Bruce Willis at the premiere of Die Hard 4 ... will he be wearing a vest?

Meanwhile Ben and I will be scoffing in the studio, thanks to the Taste of London festival.. excellent!
See you at 6.