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Hello all. Hope your Halloween weekend was a good one? I had a fancy dress get-together at home that culminated in a very rare visit to a nightclub. Wasn't keen on the idea, to be honest - I'm far too old - but a good time was had by all. Too much of a good time if my inablity to get off the sofa for much of yesterday was anything to go by. Shall we have some quiet time in front of a DVD, children? Still, that's the going out for 2009 finally got out of the way. Katie, Nina and Robin had threatened to turn up un-announced just so they could witness the full horror of me dressed up like an idiot. Thankfully, I was able to keep the address a secret and all cameras were rigorously confiscated at the door.

Right, tonight's programme starts with a problem that's becoming more and more prevalent: the extraordinary lengths some parents will go to to get their children into popular schools. To some, bending the rules or stretching the truth to give your child an educational leg-up is perfectly justifiable. To others it's a deviousness that denies places to 'legitimate' students. As well as simply supplying false information about a home address to put the child within the right catchment area, some parents have gone as far as renting a property near the desired school, faking a marital break up or even claiming a cousin or non-ralated child with the same surname is a sibling. It's a problem that is especially acute in London but after a government inquiry, published today, are we any nearer coming up with a suiltable solution? We'll have a full report later and would love to hear some of your experiences.

Also tonight, claims of bullying at The Tower of London with the city's first female Beefeater in over a thousand years allegedly the target of a campaign of harassment. Moira Cameron was made a Yeoman Warder two years ago. Two Beefeaters have been suspended while an investigation takes place with a third also being investigated by The Tower. Nick Thatcher will have all the details.

We'll also have details of a benefit fraud officer being sentenced today for..er...benefit fraud.

Showbiz-wise, the Brixton Academy is the place to be tonight...so, obvioulsy, we sent Lucy! 'The Concert for CARE' boasts some of the biggest names in entertainment including Gary Barlow, David Walliams, Rob Brydon, the Kaiser Chiefs and Dara O'Briain. London's own Speech Debelle, who we had on the programme when she scooped the Mercury Music Prize recently also joins the line-up. Care International is the brainchild of composer David Arnold and operates in over 70 countries, helping 55 million people each year find a way out of poverty.

So, all that and more to look forward to and not a pumpkin in sight!

See you at Six

Matt and Katie
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