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London Tonight Tonight: 13th March 2008

London Tonight Tonight: 13th March 2008

Good afternoon, after an unacceptable gap in our electronic communications with you.

We have been installing a whole new system here at ITV News and, as is so often the way, our Baby Blog was thrown out with the old system Bath Water.

Anyway, the errant infant has been found and, like the prodigal son, we have praised it's return and hope you are pleased to see it back, too.

And "seeing" takes me straight to the point. If you have ever been hospitalised - the last time I suffered it was when having my wisdom teeth out as a teenager, which explains a lot - your visual faculties become sharper than ever. You notice the facial features of other patients with a greater intensity; you scan visitors and staff for hints if they are "friend" or "foe". And you spot things going wrong. Ashley Brooks from Essex has just spent £300,000 of his own money trying to put right something he saw during his treatment for leukemia that was definitely wrong. So much money, so much anger: you will flabbergasted when you hear what it was and hear the reaction of the NHS. Ashley joins us, live in the studio.

Krystal Hart will never join anyone anywhere "live", again - she was shot to death in an extreme case of "neighbour rage". The fact that she was pregnant has prompted her mum to deliver one of the most moving victim statements any of us have ever heard. You'll hear it too if you join us at 6.

Joining her dad, not at 6 but for the next several months, is Camilla, aged 15. Their destination is the North Pole: for her, a first - for her dad, almost as familiar as you or me going to supermarket at the weekend. The family surname would give it away so you'll have to join Glen in his anti-ice-glare glasses and snow-shoes to celebrate this teenagers genetically inevitable endeavor.

Also "endeavoring" and also "on ice" are the final hopefuls for Dancing on the aforementioned cold, solid water. Lucy, who you will recall has skated on this programme before, does the Ravel's Bollero bit but, I fear, in a sensible coat. I think the costumes are one of the few reasons for watching this strangely popular programme but I am strange in my tastes, I'll admit.

Yet to admit to anything is the man who went walk-about on the north runway at Heathrow at about the time a Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet rather felt it was it's turn to use the space. Spectacular in its potential danger and worrying, on the eve of HM's visit to open T5, in it's security implications - we're live at Heathrow trying to find answers for you. They may prove as elusive as your holiday luggage.

Finally, James Mason continues to cast light upon a London so many have forgotten but a London so many of you may just recall. Not the London of the swinging sixties - Carnaby Street; the Kinks, flouncing over the Thames, gazing at Waterloo Sunsets or even Mick Jagger taking a cherry soda at the Chelsea Drug store.

This is the London of lamp-lighters, busy docks, smog, bomb-sites begging to be rebuilt and post-war promises waiting to be fulfilled. It is moving, memorable and all beautifully recounted by Liz.

It is enough to tempt me off the studio bench and onto a soft sofa with a mug off Bovril and some dry ration biscuits. Maybe that's where the trouble with the teeth began.

Glad to be back.

Stay with us - we won't leave you again.

Alastair and Nina.