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London Tonight Tonight Tuesday 20th May

London Tonight Tonight Tuesday 20th May

Good afternoon.

I love my job but sometimes it is very difficult. I don't even know the poor soul's name yet but , earlier today, shortly before lunchtime, she died. I don't know where she had come from - perhaps, by the time we go on air at 6, I will. I don't know where she was going and perhaps I never will. She was walking close to Tower Bridge, one of London's many sights to behold. For all I know she may have been enjoying the view, planning a meeting, going for a job or just out for an early stroll. It's thought a bus struck a tree and a limb crashed down and hit her. She died. Eighteen other people were, in varying degrees, luckier. They were on the bus. 9 were taken to hospital and 9 more were treated at the scene by the brilliant men and women of our emergency services. But it is that poor woman who haunts me. Lewis will tell us what he's been able to find out, and I will learn with you the full tragedy of a London woman whose life was cut short. No knives, no guns - just a bus and a branch. So very sad.

We will raise our spirits, and yours, unless you are visiting London from the North-West or are among that huge number of itinerant supporters who need have no relationship with the great city of Manchester to support the Reds, by listening to Marcus, live in Moscow. On the eve of Chelsea's great moment, he talks to a Russian "Blue", bumps into a mate of Abramovich's in a late night bar, and reports on why "poor sods" are an issue in the capital of the riddle, wrapped in a mystery, within an enigma.

The enigma that is Boris Johnson met with the mystery that is the IOC today as they came to check out our progress on solving the riddle that is London's 2012 Games. Wonder what they made of him and what he made of them? Harris solves it all, as only he can.

How do you solve a problem like not having enough primary school places for our little ones? You build more schools. Well, not just yet. You hire a taxi and a carer to take this particular little darling to school. I know... But what can you do but report on it, which is what the lovely Liz does. Ms Wickham as a school ma'am? Not a thought that has crossed my mind before, but I can see the merit.

I see great merit in receiving a positive update on the progress restorers are making with the charred remains of the tea-clipper Cutty Sark so that is just what we'll have.

And then there is Kat Slater, late of EastEnders and about to scare the pants off you in the West End.


Faye, who is doing a passing impersonation of a very beautiful buttercup today, said I would "like her". How can she know? Am I that transparent? Up to now I have pretty well avoided either of the Great Soaps - although my mother loved them all, and my daughter has been known to wile away hours of a weekend catching up with what I gather are called omnibus editions. Brideshead Revisited hooked me and is being re-made which I think a high risk strategy. If they get it wrong I may give The Street or even The Square a go. Kat, you face a challenge with me. I cannot speak for Katie who, as I write, is on the back of a motorbike returning from her daughter's school concert. I know. Dedication and love that knows no equal - bar me, on my own, and bashing this out just for you.

I await her return in growing confidence that we will both see you at 6.



Alastair "not knowingly a soap watcher" Stewart and Katie "Girl on a Motorcycle" Derham.