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LONDON TONIGHT: Tuesday Augist 15th


It's been six days since the alleged plane bomb plot was foiled. The knock-on effects are STILL causing problems. But now everybody's starting to count the cost.

Passengers have not only had holidays disrupted but many, it seems, have lost their bags. For the airlines and BAA the questions are...Who's to blame and who's going to foot the bill, will it end up being the passengers ? We'll be putting those questions to the spokespeople of two major airlines.

Away from that....The fantastic tale of an off duty policeman who was in the right place at exactly the right time to save a life. Steve Edmed was having a heart attack as Dale Opensaw rode past on his bike. Dale administered CPR. Steve is now recovering in hospital. Liz has been to speak to them both.

We take our last look at the lessons we can learn from Athens in the 2012 build-up. Today's focus could be especially interesting to you if you live in Stratford....

If your a Kasabian fan - a treat. We're backstage with the band at Brixton Academy just before they go on.

And if you fancy going to the MOBO awards we've a great competition for you.

All that and Chrissie with the weather, what more could you want.

See you at 6'Oclock

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