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The countdown to London 2012 is on - I know it, you know, the rest of the world knows it (especially the French eek....pardon..) but Bozza and Co. don't seem to be shouting about it in Cannes....more of that in a moment as there could be another sort of countdown here soon - one on the streets.

You know the pedestrian crossings - the ones that go green when you can walk (after checking the cars/buses/bikes have paid attention to the red light pointing in their direction) and then flash a bit giving you a subtle push to speed up or do a little trot/stumble if you're in my heels - which I don't recommend but I think Al may consider trying after reading this! Well Boris wants to get a countdown thing on them which tells you how long you've got left to walk/trot/stumble out of the path of oncoming/revving traffic. It could mean we get 6 seconds less to get across - which sounds like a lot more rushing around in heels to me - and sounds like bad news for the elderly and disabled. They're not impressed by the plans. But Boris says it'll mean a greener capital - with less cars waiting around at lights and stuff. I don't think I've explained this properly - think I best stop rambling now - will leave it up to Glen who's no doubt going to be running back and forth across the roads as fast as his little legs can carry him later.

Back to 2012 and we've already investigated why there aren't billboards and posters up celebrating the fact the Games are coming here in less than 3 years. You'd think there'd be more - there aren't. Well, the London lot are in France and they're not shouting about it there either. Big tents promoting London and investing in property in the capital - but no sign of a boast of the games.....surely this is v good and will tempt people into investing in property etc... Simon Harris has the tough job of slumming it on the Cote D'Azur - trekking after Boris and asking him - for why? and what's going on? and how much is all this bloomin' well costing!??

There's a sad countdown on for Jade Goody - she's going home from hospital.. Marcus has the latest on what could be her last trip and her last few days. The show about her wedding's on tonight - soooooo sad. Do hope the guidelines are changed now so girls are checked for cervical cancer cells at 18 instead of 25 - seems obvious. Also, do hope she's not in too much pain and that she gets to say goodbye to her little ones and that they're looked after properly.

Really wish all little ones were looked after properly - sometimes doesn't it seem like the people who really should know how make the most tragic mistakes - not talking about Jade now - talking about sad story of family with little one who had meningitis - only the hospital apparently said it was just a throat infection. By the time they got their little one to another hospital - who agreed that it was meningitis (what the parents themselves had told first hospital!) it was too late. They wants answers - and don't want it to happen again - Liz Wickham's been to speak to them.

There's a lot on tonight so will have to speed up the countdown to the show here - Phil's been out with a top air ambo guy - retiring at 65 and has saved soooo many. And Rachel's been shopping - less said about that the better. Was for an actual story though - she's at Selfridges who are 100! Hopefully they've passed on gifts to celebrate....

Dishy Director Dan has just been over trying to get me to write something about him in the blog - suggest he doesn't try and compete with Kiefer Sutherland - and bribe me with something better than a pocket full of change next time...Ski trip would work...

So it's swiftly on to Mr 24 - Lucy gets to check out dishyness on the red carpet chatting to Jack Bauer himself. Yum. He's starring in Aliens Vs Monsters - have just watched a clip...I am a sucker for cartoony type things - this is Dreamworks and looks pretty good...lack of cute animals..but they have upped the cute monster count to compensate. It's 3D too - so silly glasses wearing may persuade me. Lucy and Kiefer will tell us all later.

Al's watching Cheltenham and chuckling at the jockey who's just fallen off his horse before the race has even started. They're now on their 3rd false start - he's transfixed. He's now shouting "C'Mon, C'Mon!!" Very distracting - some of us are trying to work!!

Will get him tea and chocolate so he can focus on the task at hand before 6.

See you then

Alex & Alastair.

Jade returns home

Jade Goody has returned home. She left the Royal Marsden this morning. We'll be live with the latest on London Tonight at six.