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Good Afternoon to you...

And what an afternoon it is. As I sit here right now, it's half-time in the first game of the World Cup. That's 'yay' if you love football - because it's finally underway - and 'double yay' if you hate the game - because the end is in sight. It could (hopefully) be six weeks off, but it is in sight*.

So, we're obviously going to be taking a long hard look at how the World Cup is playing out in London town - there's a huge party going on right now in Trafalgar Square, actually. People are going football crazy across the capital. We'll also take a look at a junior football club which can boast some fairly successful old boys. Have you heard of Ledley King? Or John Terry?

If you were watching yesterday, you'll have seen that Jess Nangle from Chesham won the London Tonight World Cup song competition. Not bad, considering she's only 15. There's no prize to speak of, just the glory of, well, saying that she's, er, just won the London Tonight World Cup song competition. Anyway, Jess is coming in to tell us why she wrote the song.

And we're going to have another singer cast his professional eye, make that ear, over the song. Ricky Astley - he of 'Never Gonna Give You Up' fame (it was number one for 5 weeks) - is coming in to talk about his new song 'Lights Out'. He's a lovely man - so we're looking forward to that.

Before I leave you, I thought I'd share our Friday Chocolates competition (usual warning: they've all gone). We had Lonnie Donnegan Jnr on the programme yesterday to help choose our World Cup Song. His Dad, of course, wrote the very first World Cup Song, World Cup Willie. So, in honour of the great man, there were choccies on offer today for anyone who could complete the following Lonnie lyric:
"Oh, my old man's a dustmanHe wears a dustman's hatHe wears XXXXXXXAnd he lives in a council flat."
Is it:
a) a little off-the-shoulder number?
b) cor blimey trousers?
c) people down with his silly songs?

I should point out at this stage that we'll also have some serious news in the programme, some of it very serious.

See you with the full picture at six,

Ben & Lucy

*Seriously, put a chart up on the wall and count down the days. It'll help pass the time, I promise.

Good evening,

Until yesterday I'd forgotten how pervasive brick dust can be.

We're having a new window put in at home & this required cutting out a small section of wall. Despite there being very little breeze & a heavy duty dust sheet being hung in front of the opening, clouds of volcanic ash style powder were soon billowing around the room settling on every available surface.

Inevitably this warranted a hospital deep clean at the end of the day which gave the appearance of cleanliness & order, but beneath this cunning veneer the brick dust still lurked. Inside drawers, at the back of cupboards & (worst of all) in a large bucket of elderflower cordial in the making which I had left uncovered. It won't be wasted, however, I can't allow it. Anyone being offered a refreshing glass will simply be advised to let it stand before drinking in order to allow the dust to settle.

Weekend weather looks good. Dry with sunny spells & reasonable temperatures. Enjoy....

Hope to see you later,

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