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Good Afternoon to you...

So, it's Friday. And, as it's Friday, we've had our usual quiz. I decided to make it 'sort of' news related.
It's emerged that the Olympic stadium is not going to have its wind turbine, after all. So, there were chocolates on the desk (not anymore, I'm afraid) for anyone who could complete the following well-known saying:
"It's an ill wind that....."
Is it:
a) "...blows nobody any good"
b) "...tells you to cut down on the onions"
c) "...tells you to tell Auntie Flo to cut down on the onions"
Well, would you believe that at least two younger members of the team confessed to never having heard the phrase before. Seriously, I know I'm getting on, but it's not that unusual a phrase, is it? Or is it? Have I lost my readership here? Let's move on.
Here's what we have for you:
A man who killed his wife and dumped her body in a wheelie bin... A man who moved from Romford to Thailand where his 5 month old son was abducted... The Greenwich bid to become the port of choice for the world's biggest cruise ships... Piers Morgan talking about the runners and riders in this weekend's 'Britain's Got Talent' grand final... and Robin's getting down and dirty in a pond.
Oh, and we'll have more entrants in our competition to find London Tonight's world cup footy song.
Okay, I'm going to stop now because the news has just broken that England's captain Rio Ferdinand is, er, out of the world cup. I'm going to have a lie down. And a bit of a cry.

See you at six,
Ben & Lucy
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