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Good Afternoon to you -

So - hands up if you're going to the cinema this evening... or going out to dinner... or off to Scottish country dancing lessons. Thought as much - not many hands up, are there?

This evening is England's chance to 'make amends'. I'm not pointing any fingers as to how and why we're not sitting on three points already (we've had enough of that) but now's the time to draw the line in the South African sand and start our bid for the World Cup all over again. (What do you reckon - stick on the Italian accent and I could be Mr Capello, couldn't I?)

Our programme's a little shorter tonight to allow for more on the build-up to the big game (suck it all up on ITV1 - programme starts at 6.30pm, with kick-off at 7.30pm) but in our 11 news-packed minutes, we'll be looking at:

Plans to revamp Brent Cross Shopping Centre... the Cops who caught up with the bad guys in a classic 27 year old car... and all the day's other headlines.

Oh, and a bit of footy. Well, we had to, didn't we?

See you at six,