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Afternoon all -

Coming up tonight...

As passengers learn their breakaway may be wrecked by the strike hitting BA on Monday... we speak to members of UNITE who want to break away from their union...

MI5 may be called to account over its performance leading up to the 7th July bombings...

What caused a plane to crash into a home in Farnborough and how lucky was its homeowner not to have died along with the passengers?

Police! Police! We're coming in to seize all the cannab...where has all the cannabis gone?

Faithless can't get no sleep, at least we hope they can't while they're talking to our reporter...

Shiver my timbers - but not too hard, until the Cutty Sark restoration is finished...

And we've a right royal treatment for two of the week's new movies.

Okay - as it's a Friday, I thought I'd share the office chocolate competition with you.

We were offering a choke (they're all gone now) to anyone who can complete the following lyric from the Mungo Jerry classic 'In the Summertime'
"In the summertime when the weather is high
You can chase right up and touch the ???????"
Is it:
a) hem of his garment?
b) truck?
c) sweaty sock?
d) sky?

Right I'd better go but before I go - one more thing with which to tempt you. Who could possibly miss the highlight of this evening's programme - 'Robin Meets A Pig'...?

See you at six,

Ben & Nina

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