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Good Afternoon

As some of you may know, it's not uncommon for us to open up a box of chocolates in our office on a Friday afternoon. And with the chocolates often comes a little poser.*

I thought I'd share today's...

Okay, yesterday, we showed a report on three evacuees and their journey back to some caves in Chislehurst in Kent - their home away from the Blitz for 18 months of WWII. The caves are about 100 ft underground. Without lighting, they're pitch black. They're cold and damp.
Which of the following musicians have performed in a concert there?
Was it...
a) Julie Andrews?
b) The Wombles?
c) Jimi Hendrix?

Once again, I have to stress, the chocolates have long gone but hey, it's something to wow your mates with down the pub.**

Now, the programme:

We're going to start with the terrible story of 21 month old Bobby Louch. He was found dead in his cot in Beckenham. A jury at the Old Bailey have been asked to consider whether his mother and her then boyfriend were responsible. We'll have the verdict.

We'll also have an interview with Gary McKinnon's mother about how much comfort they're taking from the change in Government. The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats had always said they don't believe the self-confessed computer hacker should be extradited to America for trial after he found his way into NASA and US military computer systems.

The Met has admitted that DNA samples taken in connection with rape and murder investigations were left and forgotten about in a freezer at Shoreditch police station... A Labour peer has proposed that all illegal dangerous dogs seized by authorities should be put down immediately... On the eve of this year's FA Cup final, we'll hear from an RAF veteran who, after he was shot down in WW2, went on to play for Charlton in the 1946 Final... and, AND... we're talking to the grandfather of alternative comedy, Alexei Sayle, about taking to the stage again after lots of years away.

Right, time now for me to think of some questions for Mr Sayle.

See you at six,

Ben & Lucy

* Piers Hopkirk and our programme editor Hannah have just told me that they never read the question in the e-mail announcing the chocolates have been opened. They simply see the word 'chocolates' and come to the desk. I'll let you draw your own conclusions.
** So, you'll need the answer for that. It was Jimi Hendrix. The thing is that while the people running Chislehurst Caves know he did perform there, they have no photographs at all. So, if you were there with our Jimi, and you got your box brownie out (that's a camera for anyone sniggering) then let us know...
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