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Good Afternoon to you...

It's got to be a quick sum-up of our run-down today as we're getting ready to interview Darth Vader. No, really.

So - we start with a Met policeman who, in a bid to fuel his cocaine habit, did undercover work - for his drug dealer. He (and his wife, in fact) would log onto to police computers and tell Mr Big exactly what detectives were up to.

The latest a strike by BA cabin crew is not good news. They've set dates and, we've just heard, that bosses have this afternoon withdrawn a new offer which was going to be put to the unions in a ballot.

We've also been filming with a family in Enfield who haven't had heating since the middle of December. We've just had the coldest winter for years and years and this family have had to make do with little heaters and blankets because those people who should have fixed the problem have not fixed the problem.

Prepare yourself for a lump in your throat when you watch the story of six year old Daisy who has a rare disease that leaves her unable to digest almost all food. The condition is so rare that more research into the condition is desperately needed.

Next - a 'once-in-a-lifetime' opportunity to see a tunnel built by Brunel under the Thames. It's been opened for 'show-and-tell' for just two days. All the tickets have been sold, I'm afraid. So, if you want a look, you'll have to watch tonight.

We can also offer Mr King's review of two big movies opening across London this weekend.

Oh, and Darth Vader... aka James Earl Jones... or Mustafa... or Big Daddy. Lots to talk about then, when he joins us in the studio.

See you at six,

Ben & Nina


Good evening,

Matt started something with his favourite sandwich filling project yesterday.

While we were on air I remembered that a fishfinger sandwich was a student favourite & one which I haven't had for years. It was real comfort food. Crisp, golden, freshly fried (not grilled or baked) fishfingers in thickly sliced white Mother's Pride, with mayonnaise. This of course can be varied with ketchup or brown suace or even a simple dash of vinegar, but the result is the same; happiness.

It's the perfect antidote for grey, cold weather but having said that this weekend's not looking too bad. Sunny spells, scattered showers & better temperatures. I'll still treat myself to a student sandwich, though.

Hope to see you later,

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