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Busy one again - Boris Johnson and Robin Pattinson on the same programme. I hope they wear name badges. I'm easily confused.

Boris will be the one talking Latin as he campaigns for more state schools to teach it. Currently only four per cent of state primary schools teach Latin, compared with 40 per cent of private schools. Some teachers argue that teaching Latin gives students a foundation for studying a modern languages and writing English. I don't want to sound like an educational heathen, but I'm not convinced. I can only speak as a parent on this one, really. I'm happy for my two to be given the opportunity to learn different things - life's rich tapestry and all that - but if they started learning Latin at the expense of say music or history or IT or sport, I wouldn't be overly impressed.

Now as dedicated blog readers - by definition you must all be at home with the internet....but apparently for a growing number of young Londoners spending time in front of a computer screen has ceased to become fun.
Now the Capital is to get it's first dedicated therapy programme for youngsters "addicted" to the Internet and Computer Games. Children as young as 12 are expected to be enrolled to the new residential unit to wean them off games, and the net.

But is it a real problem? Do you know any young people for whom sitting in front of a computer screen has begun to take over their lives? Maybe they suffer mood swings, sleeping problems, withdrawal symptoms, problems around eating, and social isolation?? We're looking for case studies, so get in touch if you'd like to be involved.

Also on the programme tonight - Lucy is on the red carpet with London's very own heart-throb Robin Pattinson (pause for sharp intake of breath). He's left his vampiric alter-ego, Edward, in his coffin for the time being and is starring in new film, 'Remember Me'. But forget about 'R-Pattz', we've got our very own 'R-Macz', Robin McCallum, with the weather!

See you later

Matt and Katie


Good evening,

My walk to work takes in a number of London's most popular attractions & I'm often stopped by tourists wanting me to take photos of them. This is something I try to avoid at all costs as I am to photography what Katie Price is to the Carmelite nuns.

Regardless of the care I take my pictures are invariably very poor & in this age of digital cameras, where evidence of my ineptitude is instantly available, it is a demoralising experience. I can understand a look of disappointment tinged with pity in any language

This morning I adopted my trusty evasion tactic of talking on the phone which spares me the agony. Naturally my call, as is often the case, was a pretend one. I've yet to be caught out by my phone actually ringing when I'm mid fake chat (one of the advantages of unpopularity) but I fear my luck won't last & that one day soon my cover will be blown, providing me with a new form of humiliation to deal with.

As for the weather, it's on the turn with rain on the cards for the end of the week so perhaps an umbrella can be my new shield from future photography disaster.

Hope to see you later,

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