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There are days, I've got to be honest, when I'm not entirely sure what to blog about. I'm happy to tell you about the stories on London Tonight later, that's the whole point of the blog, to promote the show. But sometimes a subject, completely unrelated to the programme comes up that cannot be ignored.

Hannah, the assistant progamme editor, was happily munching away on a sarnie earlier and, in the ever more complicated bread-based culinary world of rocket, cranberry, brie and crayfish, I was surprised to discover she'd gone for a good ol' cheese and pickle on white. No fuss, no frills. Classic. So, my question is this: What is the best sandwich filling? A quick straw poll required so I've emailed 'all staff', which may be deemed a frivolous use of the internet and a disciplinary offense? Never mind...it's worth it.

Some of the responses read as follows...

'Bacon', short and to the point, says Tom

Clare reckons 'pastrami and pickles with mustard and mayo' is underrated. Not sure it is, actually, Clare?

Robin McCallum, in beautifully prosaic terms, suggests a 'salty mature cheddar with a hint of sweet chutney and a touch of lettuce on a 'butch' granary'. Cheese and pickle then?!

Faye (who's the boss, so I guess it can't be a disciplinary offense after all) wants to throw 'tuna mayo' into the mix, because 'it's 'not messy'? Surely that depends on its construction and the amount of mayo used?

Smoked salmon and cream cheese with avocado has been offered up by Geoff while Paul simply says roast beef.

Katie Derham hovered over cheese and pickle briefly too, before settling on hot pork and apple sauce. Can a sandwich be hot? 'Spose it can. Feels a bit cheaty though. Anyway, she's disqualified for coming back with a salad at lunchtime.

Oh, and a late change from Robin who's throwing plain tomato out there, providing the tomatoes are as tasty as the one's grown in Grandad's greenhouse (not sure how he knows my grandad?!) on crusty white bread. Like it, but I'd need a sprinkling of salt on mine.

For what it's worth I'm going to go with Hannah and cheese and pickle on crusty white, but I might add some ham if I'm feeling lavish!

The point to these ramblings? None whatsoever, but I'm off for some carbs!

Back in time for six. Matt and Katie

PS: Plans for a high speed rail link between London and the Midlands, stamps with animals on and Jennifer Aniston on the programme later, who no doubt would want the pickle on the side of her cheese sandwich, being American, which is just plain wrong.


Good Evening,

I was extremely grateful for grey skies & a cold NE wind this morning. Not because I'm a fan of dull weather but because it meant the end of my train journey into Waterloo which had not been a pleasant experience, with an unfortunate series of events conspiring to make it very stressful.

Although my train departed punctually it had 8 rather than 12 carriages, bad enough in itself but the cancellation of an earlier train made the overcrowding truly appalling. There then turned out to be signalling problems between Clapham Junction & Waterloo which resulted in the journey becoming slower & slower, ultimately providing the guard with 19 extra minutes in which to offer repeated -& therefore increasingly irritating- apologies for the lateness & overcrowding. She also regularly reminded us of her whereabouts on the train should any passengers have needed assistance, although bearing in mind that any movement would only have been possible with the aid of KY Jelly & a cattle prod I'm fairly certain she was left in peace.

I pray the journey won't be so miserable tomorrow because the weather will be; rain's on the way....

Hope to see you later,

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