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Afternoon all. Hope you had a good weekend? Personally, it was very satisfying. We have quite a Welsh contingent here on London Tonight; including today's producer, Hannah, Lewis Vaughan Jones and Lucy Cotter. They were all chippy as you like on Friday ahead of England's clash with the old enemy at Twickenham as this year's Six Nations got underway, but are all strangely quiet today? Hannah's pretending she's really busy working on tonight's programme, while Lucy's been headphones on, pretending to edit something showbizzy for the last hour. I haven't seen Lewis yet. It wasn't exactly vintage from England, but we'll take a win to get the campaign underway.

Elsewhere sporty over the weekend, John Terry. More revelations about his private life in the Sundays, but you can't knock his performances on the pitch. 'Me against the world', I guess. I even saw some Arsenal fans lauding his abilities on London Tonight yesterday. A great win for Chelsea that, by the way.

Ok - briefly, tonight's programme is comprised as follows...

First, the resolution of a case we've been following from the beginning - that of police Commander Ali Dizaei, found guilty today of threatening and falsely arresting another man in a row over money. In July 2008 Dizaei attacked Al Baghdadi and had him arrested for no reason. Dizaei even stabbed himself in the stomach and blamed it on Mr. Baghdadi to make his story seem more plausible. Marcus Powell reports on an unbelievable betrayal of public trust.

Also, more on another heartbreaking story out of Haiti that we featured on yesterday's London Tonight. Three month old Landina was left orphaned after last months earthquake. Her arm had to be amputated and she has severe head injuries. She's being looked after by a surgeon from the Chelsea and Westminster hospital, David Nott, who says she needs to be flown for life-saving treatment here in the capital as soon as possible. The authorities won't allow it because she has no official papers, but her situation is getting more critical by the day. We've spoken to some of Mr. Nott's work mates at the Chelsea at Westmister hospital about what treatment Landina would receive were she to be flown here, as well as what they think about their colleague's humanitarian efforts in Haiti.

And we report on the rise of Mephedrone, better known as 'meow meow': a plant food that's being used as a drug. Legal and cheap it's becoming more and more popular with London teenagers, but its effects could be deadly. Most worryingly, if you ask medical experts what the consequences of long term use are, they'll tell you they don't know, there's been very little research. There's plenty of anecdotal evidence on the internet, with various forums citing nosebleeds, chest pains, breathing problems and panic attacks among the side effects. So, how easy is it to get hold of Mephedrone? Worryingly, as Sally Rourke found out.

Also tonight...after a star-studdied week last week, Lucy Cotter's keen to reach the same dizzy showbiz heights this week with actors like Sacha Baron Cohen, James Mcavoy and Oscar hopeful Carey Mulligan all expected at tonight's Evening Standard film awards. I reckon she's just trying to keep out of my way, though. Sure we bet a coffee on the rugby result?!

See you at six

Matt and Katie
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