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Hello all.

A very quick blog today - a busy afternoon and a packed programme. We'll be looking at great depth into the issue of out of hours doctors and the care they provide after shocking figures illustrate just how few there are. We hear from a man whose wife died of a heart attack hours after being seen by a doctor and told that she had a shoulder strain. So how is it in your area? Tune in to find out.

Also tonight, as the man who murdered a north Londoner and cut up his body is given a life sentence, his truly grizzly criminal past comes to light - and it's shocking stuff.

And we'll have more on the story dominating the papers over the weekend - the allegations about England and Chelsea captain, John Terry's off-field activities with the ex-partner of an England team mate. Debate rages as to whether he should be stripped of the England captaincy by boss Fabio Capello. After reading the pages upon pages of comment and conjecture over the last few days the key questions are whether we expect too much of our sports stars? Probably. But, do most of them seem happy enough to be put on a pedestal if it means the accumulation of vast wealth and fame through sponsorship and merchandising? Almost certainly, I would argue.

Showbiz-wise - Lucy's been busy, as ever: Colin Firth joins her on the red carpet at the premiere of his new movie - while Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon chat with her about their new film, 'Invictus' on tomorrow night's programme....but more of that later.

See you at six

Matt and Katie
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