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Quick blog then with an Olympic theme...

Simon Harris has been on the Olympic trail again with news of another raid on the seemingly bottomless contingency fund.
This time up to 160-million pounds could be needed partly to balance the books between the time of the completion of the Olympic stadium to when whoever takes over the running of it after the Games. Overall though, the latest figures show the building work is actually on budget. Not sure how does that works, which is probably why I'm not allowed anywhere near the household finances. I'm confident Simon will have a his head round the figures, although he was last seen with his shoes and socks off in the corner.

Also tonight, dramatic audio from the air traffic control recording of the "Mayday" call from the cockpit of the BA jet that crash-landed at Heathrow two years ago. You'll remember it barely cleared a fence before belly-flopping onto the grass. A report today confirmed that the crash was caused by a build-up of ice on the fuel lines.

And we'll have more news on the foreign embassies in the capital who've run up a 40 million pound congestion charge bill. Blimey, I thought I was bad...

We'll also have news of a scheme to inspire inner city school children to become Olympic rowers (as in boats, not as in professional arguers). Finally, we're joined on the programme by a Bond and a Bond girl. The Bond is Pierce Brosnan who's starring as a Greek god in new film, 'Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief'. We spoke to the former 007 about the new movie, 'the newby', Daniel Craig and how he feels about wearing tights?!?

The Bond girl? Lucy Cotter, of course. She interviewed Mr. Brosnan and joins me on the sofa tonight. Does that make me the next Bond? As good as, surely? It's about time we had a 5'9" slightly graying Bond with a dodgy back, don't you think?

Shee you at shix...Matt and Looshy!
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