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Ok - REALLY short blog today, sorry. I was late in, no point trying to hide it, I had a quick hospital appointment. Nothing exciting, just a check up on my bad back...which turns out is still bad. I could have told them that and saved myself two hours. On a brighter note: This morning I had an unexpected letter from my bank. Usually that sort of thing never ends well - the last one said that the annual review of my overdraft facility has now been conducted and that the bank were 'delighted' to inform me that the service will remain in place and unchanged. The cost for the review was £25 which duly put me over my limit costing me...another £25. Genius! Anyway, today's letter was different: apparently, the year long savings account I've been paying into, but had completely forgotten about has matured and there's a whopping £500 with my name on it! Great news...I might book that weekend break. Then I picked my car up from it's annual service and MOT. An oil change here, two new tires there and a bill for £498.43. So, any ideas as to what to do with my sudden £1.57 windfall?

Anyway, tonight's programme - all the news from the capital, of course, plus a fascinating piece from Marcus Powell about how The Prince of Wales does a bit of Tai Chi. He's been seeing how non-traditional remedies are being used to help former members of our Armed Forces. Tai Chi and acupuncture are just two of the methods employed by a charity based in Fulham to that claims to aid recovery from physical and mental trauma.

Also, Daisy Gray reports on at least one London council that, staggeringly, isn't prepared to cope with yet more freezing weather, should it materialise, despite the chaos of last month. You'd have thought the lessons had been learnt...but they're still awaiting delivery of salt ordered in December. And, as the temperature plummets again, we'll attempt to warm the cockles of your hearts with an exclusive chat with the gorgeous star of Hollywood and the West End, Anna Friel. She ended a five-month run in 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' last night, but rather than jetting off to a beach somewhere to relax, she made time for Glen Goodman. Well, who wouldn't?!

See you at six

Matt and Katie